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RCMEA SWC members tour Cryoquip facility

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People riding along Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta often wonder about the building on the hill with the sign Cryoquip out front. Speculation at this time of year includes the question, "Is this where they keep the cryogenically preserved bodies?"

All the questions were answered on Thursday, Oct. 17 when a group of about 25 individuals had the chance to join the Riverside County Manufacturers and Exporters Association South-West Cluster (RCMEA SWC) members, guests and the press for a plant tour of Cryoquip, hosted by Patrick Billman, Cryoquip vice president and RCMEA SWC member.

The event began on the patio with welcome remarks from Joe Mignone, president of the RCMEA SWC. Mignone thanked Billman and Cryoquip for their support for manufacturing and the improvement of the Inland Empire economy. He introduced Assemblywoman Melissa Menendez, District 67, her husband and her staff who attended the tour. Assemblywoman Menendez presented Proclamations to Cryoquip and to the RCMEA SWC in honor of Manufacturing Month and the support for the economic growth of District 67.

Assemblywoman Melissa Menendez presents proclamations to Cryoquip vice president and RCMEA SWC member Patrick Billman.

Cryoquip VP and RCMEA SWC member Patrick Billman gives people a tour of the Cryoquip facility.

The event continued with a video presentation about Cryoquip and its global market impact. The group learned that Cryoquip is manufacturer of industrial gas and cryogenic products -- hence the name "Cryo" for cryogenics and "Quip" for equipment. Cryoquip is the fabrication arm of Cryoquip Industries.

In addition to the Murrieta location, Cryoquip has operations across the globe including Australia, Brasil, China, Europe, India, and Malaysia. Cryoquip is the leading supplier of cryogenic heat transfer and vaporization equipment. If you have a bag of potato chips in your home, you are probably buying from a Cryoquip client who uses their equipment to create the nitrogen that keeps the bag inflated to protect the potato chips.

Cryoquip is very involved with the engineering solutions for liquid natural gas and continues to see this piece of the business expand. The group split into two and continued into the plant to see the manufacturing floor.

We got a chance to see vaproizers and many of the thermal systems that were under construction awaiting shipment around the world. We saw some of the larger items being readied in special shipping containers for transport to China. The tour concluded with a demonstration of liquid nitrogen creating clouds under our feet getting us in the mood for Halloween and leaving us with a much better understanding of the importance of Cryoquip to Murrieta and the world market.

For more information about Cryoquip please visit their website, www.cryoquip.com.

For more information about the RCMEA SWC please visit their website, www.southwestcluster.com.

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