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West Health puts $4.25M into rehab technology

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An interactive physical therapy software that cuts rehab costs is getting a $4.25 million injection from the West Health Investment Fund.

The Microsoft Kinect for Windows-based technology, born inside the walls of La Jolla's West Health Institute, is now licensed to a new startup called Reflexion Health Inc.

The prescribed software publisher will move into the nearby West Health Incubator as a result of the investment, and it's looking to hire six new employees in areas of software development, design and technical support.

The fund, incubator and institute are three entities that comprise the independent initiative known as West Health; the West Health Policy Center is the fourth.

The $100 million investment fund, set up in October 2011, targets small companies working to disrupt health care and come up with patient-centered solutions that lower costs.

Companies must get an investment commitment from the fund before they can set up shop in the incubator. Reflexion Health is the second company to move into the 10,000-square-foot incubator.

The first resident was Sense4Baby Inc., a wireless fetal monitoring system developed at the institute that can save nearly $1.4 billion a year in maternal health costs.

Gary West, co-founder of West Health, made a rare appearance at the institute in late September to introduce Nicholas Valeriani as the new CEO of the collective West Health organization.

“Today, there’s no greater problem facing the country than the ever-rising cost of health care,” said West.

Reflexion Health's first application, the Rehabilitation Measurement Tool (RMT), addresses musculoskeletal disease, which costs Americans $127 billion a year, according to estimates from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

The tool has not yet been cleared for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Used with the Kinect motion tracking system and a personal computer, the application provides interactive feedback and educational materials.

The goal is to measure a patient’s rehabilitation and eventually improve patient adherence to the prescribed therapy and ensure the exercises are performed correctly.

“Reflexion Health is demonstrating that engaging medical software can become a powerful tool for clinicians to help patients, just like prescription drugs or traditional medical devices,” said Spencer Hutchins, co-founder and CEO of Reflexion Health.

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