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Hany Girgis

Defense support services company sees continued growth

A tough economy in 2009 left many businesses struggling to make ends meet, hoping to stay open one more day.

But SGIS had a different fate. The company continued to grow and win contracts.

"I think our greatest accomplishment of 2009 is we've been able to grow," said Hany Girgis, founder and CEO of SGIS. "Everyone has struggled in what many consider a pretty bad economy. We continue to win contracts."

In fact, the company, which expects to do $100 million in revenue for 2009, received its largest contract to date during the calendar year.

SGIS was selected among awardees for an IDIQ contract providing various technical support services for the SMDIS (Space and Missile Defense Initiatives Support) program out of Colorado. Task orders will be issued during a five-year time frame.

A new office in Colorado Springs also opened this year. Employees supporting the SMDIS contract will work from this new location.

SGIS also opened an office in Fayetteville, N.C., where the Army's Fort Bragg is located. That office will include those supporting the PM DCATS (Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems) contract the company received in 2009. The $33 million contract was the company's biggest per-year contract to date, Girgis said.

Girgis opened SGIS in 2002 in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. In 2003, he brought on his college friend as a business partner.

"We knew there was going to be a need there for homeland security and intelligence services," Girgis said. "The need to protect the homeland. We saw an opportunity there. We started focusing on building the company that provided services around that area."

An electrical engineer by training, Girgis now focuses on running the company. He prides himself on his ability to hire the best employees for the job, and giving them the freedom they need to get the job done.

In the coming year, he will continue to seek out the right contracts for his employees and continue to grow his business.

Among the contracts he will keep an eye on in 2010 are the CANES program for the Navy and the EAGLE program for the Department of Homeland Security.

Girgis said he is looking to do $140 million in revenue for 2010.

"We're really going into the year with a head start on that, so we feel good about hitting that number," he said, adding that new offices in Huntsville, Ala., and Charleston, S.C., could open in 2010.

"As we've gotten to be more of a larger company, now we're starting to focus on larger contracts. We've got several $100 million contracts and a couple billion-dollar contracts to be awarded in 2010."

While the money is good, Girgis is more focused on his company's influence and the good done by its work.

"I think the revenue is great, and the growth is great, and that's all very important," he said. "I think really, the most important thing is we're providing a lot of services that are saving lives and helping save lives not only here in the States, but overseas at different locations there."

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