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Filner sponsors bill to fund alternative energy training programs at community colleges

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Community colleges will soon train students to become alternative energy technicians, if a bill co-sponsored by Congressman Bob Filner (D–Chula Vista) is passed.

H.R. 3721 will create a $100 million grant program to provide community colleges with funding for work force training and education in sustainable energy industries, such as alternative energy; energy efficient construction, retrofitting and design; sustainable energy technologies; water and energy conservation; recycling and waste reduction and sustainable agriculture and farming.

The bill requires at least half of the grant funding be awarded to community colleges with existing sustainability programs leading to certificates or degrees in one of the listed areas.

The grants will enhance existing programs and create new programs to train the nation’s work force for a clean energy economy, Filner said in a statement.

“To end our dependence on fossil fuels, we need to start preparing a work force that can support a sustainable alternative,” Filner stated. “Providing resources to our community colleges focusing on renewable energy job training and education programs will help Southern California become a national leader in renewable energy production.”

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FRANCIS 4:56pm March 8, 2010

I am impressed with the success of geothermal energy-drilling into the earth for clean , renewable , efficient energy makes sense to me.