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Bingham Construction now offering project financing

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Those of us in the commercial real estate sector have all felt the pain of projects being shelved or disbanded at some point in time due to inadequate or non-existing project funding. Bingham Construction is no exception. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to forge strategic alliances with commercial lenders and private equity firms to help our clients achieve their dreams by offering construction financing on all of our projects.

“It’s a shame that we’ve seen so many good projects go by the wayside during the Great Recession because of lack of funds,” said Jeff Bingham, CEO of Bingham Construction. “That’s why we took it upon ourselves to seek out financial partners to assist our clients build their projects and position themselves for growth during the economic recovery. Construction costs and lease rates are at historic lows, and we want our clients to take advantage of the opportunities in the marketplace to remodel, upgrade or upsize their facilities.”

During the past two years, Bingham Construction has been the leader in private commercial TIs, having built more than 1 million square feet of improvements. Our areas of expertise include office, industrial, retail, facilities maintenance and senior living. We work closely with brokers, property managers and tenants to develop a plan that delivers the best pricing and service within the industry. In addition, we utilize our contracting skills to bring additional services at competitive prices to tenant improvement projects including, moving, systems furniture, security, low voltage, data/IT, and architectural and interior design.

Our success has been driven by understanding our clients’ needs, developing a budget that fits theirs and scheduling the project to mitigate interruptions to their operations. A great example of this occurred during the 2009 holiday season in downtown San Diego. We were contracted to provide all new finishes, including flooring, ceilings, light fixtures, HVAC registers and paint in a 3,800-square-foot office space. The challenge was to complete the project in one week, between Christmas Eve and the Monday after New Year’s Day, including moving all of the tenants’ belongings and systems furniture out of the space to allow for the new finishes. Once the finishes were complete, we had to move all of the belongings back in to the space and reassemble the systems furniture. Despite the Christmas and New Year’s holidays falling within this timeframe, we worked around the clock to complete the project in time for the tenant to resume business on the Monday following New Year’s Day. As a result of intensive pre-planning and the Herculean effort by Bingham Construction’s field personnel and subcontractors, this project was a huge success for both the tenant and property manager.

Stimulate your business or commercial property for 2010 with a remodel by Bingham Construction. We will provide the resources to help you revive, refresh and rejuvenate your office or commercial property to prepare for strategic growth in the new decade.

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