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At Pacific Trust Bank, it makes sense to finance your real estate

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Pacific Trust Bank offers a wide variety of products to finance single family residences, apartments and commercial real estate within its primary lending area, which consists of San Diego and Riverside counties, and the bank will consider lending in other Southern California areas on a case by case basis. We have several mortgage loan programs with flexible terms to best match your funding requirements and financing objectives.

Our focus is on lending to segments of the market not well serviced by other lenders, based on individual loan analysis and borrower needs -- if it makes sense, we do it!

Fast decisions: We know that when it comes to meeting your real estate needs, timing is everything. Unlike most lenders, Pacific Trust Bank is a locally based institution that can provide quick loan approval as all decisions are made in our Chula Vista office.

Multi-family (apartment) loans: Pacific Trust is helping to create long-term affordable housing opportunities. We are one of the leading portfolio lenders for multi-family properties in San Diego County, and we’re adept at financing both small and large apartment complexes. Our standard products have a 30-year term.

CRE loans: We specialize in making most types of commercial real estate loans, including loans on offices, shopping centers and other CRE properties. We offer a wide variety of First Trust Deed products with loan amounts up to $10 million or more for qualifying properties and borrowers. Our standard products have a 25-year term.

“Difficult” transactions: Short closing deadline? We just run faster. Reverse 1031? Get us in touch with the accommodator quick. Blind trust? We’ll see you through it.

Entity vesting: Why make your borrower restructure title?

Cross collateralization: We’ll cross collateralize real estate and Pacific Trust bank deposits.

Fully transactional mortgage: Check out our signature product, the revolutionary Green Account, for complete flexibility to manage your wealth with instant liquidity. In addition to financing your home, take advantage of the Green Account to finance your commercial or investment properties. It’s the perfect cash management vehicle.

Re-creating a purchase transaction: Are you using the current market to your advantage by picking up properties for cash? We’ll “re-create the purchase” within the first three months of ownership to give you more cash to purchase more properties.

Fixed rate loans/construction loans: Looking for 30-year fixed rate loans or a construction lender? Well, those simply don’t make sense for us to do -- after all, we can’t be everything to everybody.

It makes sense to start thinking about Pacific Trust Bank for your real estate financing needs. Visit us today at any of our branch locations, which are now open with special extended hours. Go online to pacifictrustbank.com or call us toll free at (877) 441-BANK.

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