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Hensel Phelps remains client-oriented

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Hensel Phelps is a company with a plan to succeed. Since 1937, it has grown from a small, local builder in Greeley, Colo., into a multibillion-dollar national contractor with an eclectic and unparalleled portfolio of successfully completed projects. Despite its nationwide growth, the company has retained its Midwestern influences for ethical business practices and a genuine commitment to its people. In fact, more than anything else, the Hensel Phelps story is one about and for people.

Early on, past President Joseph Phelps, son of founder Hensel Phelps, decided that the best way to attract the most talented individuals was to offer ownership in the company. The work force Hensel Phelps attracts has an entrepreneurial spirit, enabling individuals to make decisions for the long-term interest of the company. Hensel Phelps people are client-oriented, interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships and deeply committed to maintaining an outstanding reputation.

A great strength of Hensel Phelps’ employees is their cross-training. Each construction professional experiences a number of responsibilities and applies their skills to diverse project types. Rather than get pigeonholed into building only one type of project throughout their careers, individuals learn to master challenges of all types and to conceptualize the construction process. Hardly a challenge arises for which they do not have an answer or the wealth of knowledge to research and determine an accurate conclusion.

In 2009, Hensel Phelps was ranked as a Top 25 Firm in 13 categories -- an unparalleled mark that Hensel Phelps is extremely proud of.

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