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GM to use Envision Solar technology to charge cars

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Envision Solar International Inc., (OTC: EVSI), a sustainable infrastructure designer and developer said the company has been selected by General Motors, LLC to install its CleanCharge solar powered electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The charging stations will be integrated into Envision’s “solar trees,” which incorporate a canopy of raised panels that follow the sun as its position in the sky shifts throughout the day. Each “tree” offers shade for the vehicles and incorporates a solar vehicle charging station at its base.

The solar panels will be used to charge GM’s Chevy Volt electric car, which is expected to hit showrooms in November in California, Michigan, Washington, D.C., Texas and New York.

“We are pleased to have been selected by General Motors for these strategic installations that will enable Chevy Volts to leverage clean solar power to recharge their batteries without relying on carbon fuel generated electricity,” said Bob Noble, CEO of Envision Solar. “We applaud GM’s commitment to clean energy as well as green job creation through this initiative.”

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Gilbert Barnes 7:35pm December 22, 2010

I agree. GM is moving in the right direction with the Volt 2010 EV car. Moreover, GM is ahead of the EV market to partner with a company that provides solar PV charging stations for EV cars. The Envision Solar Company - I understand that Bob Noble is CEO? Bob Noble is one of the giants and leaders in the renewable energy space. He started the CCSE and I still believe he is Chairman? (California Center for Sustainable Energy) - the model that many other states have duplicated. Great idea, EV car that is charged by a solar PV source, no fossil fuels. I imagine this will be a significant part of our transportation future. Very Great.

Chuck Colgan 2:32pm October 13, 2010

This is such a great idea. You park in the shade and get charged up at the same time. Sure, many electric cars are out of the price range of most folks, but we've got to start somewhere, some day, so why not now and why not with those who can afford it? Within a decade the electric car will cost much less, go much further on each charge and be a key part of our nation's energy solution. Bring it on!

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