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Olpin Group, RQ Construction finish design and installation on military facility

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What do guns, parachutes, motor parts, books, pharmaceuticals, and files have in common? Thanks to Olpin Group, all of these items on a local military base are being stored safely.

Olpin Group has been working closely with the U.S. military and RQ Construction over the last several months to design and install a complex system of optimized storage solutions on the local military base. Using a number of different innovative products, Olpin Group created a more efficient, effective, and secure form of storage in a number of different areas of the facility:

• Armory -- Secured weapons storage on high-density mobile system

• Library -- Wood-tech shelving for books

• Motor-T -- Industrial shelving on high-density system

• Pharmacy -- Stationary and high density system for parmaceuticals and files

• Paraloft -- 14ft high industrial shelving for parachute storage on high-density system.

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