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Olpin Group enforces security

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A Southern California City Police Department recently needed to upgrade and improve its armory and the way it handled the daily distribution of its weapons. The small armory room, at just 9.5-by-14 feet, proved to be a challenging space for keeping their large quantity of weapons stored while keeping them secure and accessible to the Armorer.

With the help of SecureIt Tactical, Olpin Group designed an open storage system with SecureIt Expandable Racks for the inside of the armory, a floor-to-ceiling wire mesh partition with a sliding lockable door.

The SecureIt Expandable Racks provide the ideal situation for a small room that needed to secure rifles, shotguns and pistols. The expandable racks are configurable to any weapon inventory, and can be easily reconfigured to maximize space and create an ergonomic workflow.

The Wire Mesh Partition provided the security of locking down the Weapon Inventory after distribution, and provided an additional locked defense.

A SecureIt Model 72 Tactical Weapon Rack was installed outside the secured area as depository for returning Officers on late shifts to secure their weapons when the armorer is not present.

If you have a challenging situation that needs to be addressed, Olpin Group has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you resolve your dilemma.

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