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Agencies benefit from Hawthorne Cat’s emergency preparedness planning service

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For the past decade or more, at least one large-scale disaster, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and fires, has occurred somewhere in the world every year. But it doesn’t take a major event or even a direct hit to put you out of business. Blackouts, planned or emergency shutdowns can also put your operations on hold. We can’t always predict the timing of natural or manmade disasters, but we can certainly plan for them. Private industries, the federal government, as well as state and local agencies, can benefit by partnering with Hawthorne Cat to integrate rental equipment and other contractor supplies and services into their emergency preparedness and response plan.

Hawthorne has been honing their worldwide disaster recovery response capabilities for more than 50 years. We have responded to many disasters, large or small, in Southern California as well as in American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii and Saipan. In 2009, the island of Samoa was subject to tsunami tidal waves that damaged a large electrical generation plant. From our San Diego location, we were able to dispatch 10 1,000kW Caterpillar power modules and four large transformers. These power modules were directly shipped via a freighter and loaded at the Port of Oakland. Several Hawthorne technicians and their service trucks were also airlifted via government transport. After we established our internal Emergency Operations Center (EOC), we were able to stand up our watch operations and establish positive communications. This ability to rapidly ship and deploy large assets worldwide has set us apart from typical power generation vendors.

Locally, Hawthorne has responded in kind to every disaster our community has faced. For example, in response to the San Diego County Wildfires in 2007, we rented most of our 1,000kW to 2,000 kW power modules to local governmental agencies. We also brought in additional equipment from our neighboring Caterpillar dealers throughout Southern California. We can respond quickly with our diverse fleet of equipment and if necessary call in the resources of our global Caterpillar dealer network -- some 1,500 dealer locations. This quick response is indicative of the commitment Hawthorne has to the communities in which we do business.

Finally, as a GSA contract holder, Hawthorne is there to assist local government agencies in the time of emergency. Working with GSA, Hawthorne has been successful in offering the military “nontraditional” services. It made the investment to assist the military in streamlining its acquisition process for services often sought. These services include construction equipment rentals/leases, portable power generation rentals, field and shop service at all Hawthorne locations.

While we can’t control or predict emergencies and disasters, local governments and the private sector can work together to plan and mitigate the impact of future events. Hawthorne can help with expert contingency planning service and financially attractive programs that ensure you get equipment when you need it. Through its experience, established relationships, diverse fleet of equipment and ability to plan and preposition supplies and equipment, Hawthorne can make a significant difference in emergency preparedness and response both locally and worldwide.

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