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Rudolph and Sletten has a long tradition of efficient building in San Diego

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Over the course of 50 years, Rudolph and Sletten has had the opportunity to iron out the kinks, so to speak, of its operational strategies. As a result, the company is a well-oiled machine with a unique and efficient way of approaching business internally and externally. According to the company’s CEO, Martin Sisemore, the construction process for Rudolph and Sletten follows a simple formula: ownership, relationship and transparency equal predictability.

“By taking ownership and responsibility in the work we provide, and by building strong relationships with the owner, architect and subcontractors, we are able to collaborate through transparent communications to ensure the desired results without any surprises,” he said. “We’re builders. And, one thing we have learned over the past five decades is that planning is paramount. Before we start, we review every aspect of what we are going to do and exactly how we are going to do it.”

Using innovative technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) during all phases of a project -- especially during schedule development -- Rudolph and Sletten eliminates obstacles that hinder a project from reaching the desired finish date.

According to Sisemore, collaboration is at the top of the company’s list when it comes to scheduling and finish dates.

“Through early collaboration with owners, designers and engineers, we can create the most streamlined schedule possible,” he said. “Rudolph and Sletten has some of the most capable and respected veteran builders in the construction industry, who understand the intricacies of developing a complex, multi-phased project schedule and utilizing state-of-the-art schedule software.”

Sisemore further explained that collaborating with owners, builders and developers also segues into open communication when working on a project. “We meet with the entire project team, owner and designer, every week to review milestones, metrics relative to construction performance and budget reviews,” he said. “We believe in superior communication at all levels -- this is the key to a successful project. When all parties are exchanging information and ideas in an efficient and effective manner, we can accomplish anything.”

From an internal perspective, Rudolph and Sletten has a distinct business process that ensures quality and timeliness. One of the most important of these internal operations is budget management.

“Budget management at the field level is a continuous loop process where we constantly track cost versus budget,” Sisemore explained. “Using multiple internal tracking systems to ensure accuracy, we minimize and eliminate budget increases.”

All of these factors implemented at Rudolph and Sletten today are a result of some helpful advice Sisemore once received years ago from an industry peer: “Always maintain attention to detail, but do not lose sight of the big picture,” he recalled. “Take the initiative to talk to people in a forthright and honest manner and, most importantly, create solutions and not problems.”

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