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Dynalectric: Making the West Coast greener

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As California has become increasingly green, San Diego-based Dynalectric has become one of the state’s leading green contractors. Over the past several years, the company has completed more than 34 projects for clients in health care, education, commercial, government and other industries. These projects vary from standard solar installations to complex design/assist and design/build efforts, using technologies ranging from photovoltaics to advanced metering and displays.

Regardless of the project’s size or complexity, Dynalectric’s experts help clients evaluate current energy usage, identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs, and install systems that make facilities more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

One of the company’s highly touted projects was Qualcomm’s Building W. It received the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold for New Construction certificate and won California Construction Magazine’s Outstanding Green Building Project Award. Dynalectric’s contribution included installation of photovoltaic shade canopies, “light transfer” skylights that take maximum advantage of natural light, high-efficiency lighting with low-wattage fixtures, motion sensors that turn off lights in unoccupied areas and light-level sensors that regulate indoor lighting to supplement light entering from outside. The overall project energy model exceeded California’s stringent Title 24 standards.

The company is especially known for its ability to meet demanding challenges with innovative solutions. When the University of California, San Diego needed a 1.3-megawatt solar installation to achieve the goals of its Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Program, it chose Dynalectric’s team for the job. The company met the university’s objective by installing photovoltaic modules on solar trees mounted on a campus parking structure, and then outfitting six other buildings with solar panels.

For some clients, the question is: Once the panels are installed, how do I connect them to switchgear that’s not conveniently located nearby? Dynalectric met this challenge at Kaiser Permanente, where it had to connect to an inverter/switchgear pad at the back of the site. To reach the pad, however, the company needed to cross a 1,000-foot-wide parking lot that had to remain in service. To overcome this obstacle, the company used directional boring under the parking lot and ran 4-inch conduits from a 940-kilowatt ground-mount photovoltaic system to the switchgear.

Dynalectric has also had several noteworthy green projects for the military using fixed, dual-axis and concentrated photovoltaic technology. At Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI), the company installed a 240-kilowatt array over four individual carports and connected it to an inverter located between two of them. At the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the company installed a thermal energy storage system, which has projected yearly savings of more than $250,000. Additionally, within the next six months, Dynalectric will install another 2 megawatts of green energy on military bases throughout San Diego County. This is the kind of performance clients expect from Dynalectric, a leader in green energy consulting and contracting.

Founded in 1970, San Diego-based Dynalectric, an EMCOR company, is a leading full-service electrical contractor serving Southern California.

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