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Choosing a landscape contractor

Go local, choose well 

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Why do you think choosing the right landscape contractor for the job is one of the most important facets of construction and development? The answer is because there is a big difference between your average run-of-the-mill contractor and the best. The comparison is key and so is your experience in dealing with the best landscape contractor for the project.

Most of all, in the current San Diego economy where housing development and overall construction has slowed, it is important to find a landscape company that has not only survived the downturn, but is positioned to do well as the economy continues to rebound.

Benchmark Landscape, an industry-leading commercial landscape maintenance and installation company based in San Diego, is a premier choice contractor to consider for your landscape needs. Their philosophy is, and always has been, to offer the best service, communication and quality work that should be expected from any landscape contractor. This philosophy has won over many general contractors, builders and home developers that are slowly increasing their work load. To acquire a consistent amount of contracts and keep their existing clients well informed, Benchmark has made some strategically viable decisions regarding the overall operation of the company during these challenging times.

One decision Benchmark Landscape made was to retain all its key employees through this downturn. Benchmark employs a number of degreed personnel, many educated in horticultural studies. Knowing what works in certain situations is extremely important in the field of landscaping, as working with a living product can be very challenging at times. Having the proper horticultural knowledge of how irrigation works, how soil composition plays into the equation, designing with the proper plant materials, and how to effectively maintain all of this at once can be a balancing act, to say the least.

In light of the current economy, Benchmark Landscape has had to reevaluate their pricing structure but has not sacrificed quality, unlike some in the industry.

Their pricing is competitive, but corners aren’t cut when it comes to providing exceptional service and a quality end product. They are positioned to grow along with the healing economy and are refining themselves to be even better in the process. Benchmark’s success isn’t by some magical formula -- it’s simply the basics of good business. Take good care of your people, and in turn, they will take good care of your customers.

The company listens to customer needs, gets to know their concerns and preferences, and builds trusting relationships as their preferred landscape provider.

These time-tested theories have been the cornerstone of Benchmark’s business success for nearly 27 years.

When choosing a service provider to maintain or install your property, go with a company that is setting the standard for landscape contracting in San Diego County and has proven to stand the test of time. Go local, and choose well. Benchmark is pleased, as well as qualified, to service your landscaping needs. Please contact Benchmark at 858-513-7190 and log on to benchmarklandscape.com.

-Submitted by Benchmark Landscaping

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