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Meissner Jacquet Investment Management Services

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Today’s real estate needs are vastly different from those of the S&L crisis in the early 1990’s, assets are being held longer, repositioned, re-tenanted and positioned for increased NOI and eventual sale. In order to accomplish these needs, a team of seasoned property professionals is required to apply extensive real estate experience in sophisticated problem solving, excellence in property operations, proactive tenant retention, accurate financial reporting, and clear communication skills that allow for sound business decisions throughout the property management process that results in exceptional property performance.

In addition to the market’s demand for expertise on property repositioning, clients want to be assured that their property operating expenses are being controlled, which can be a day-to-day challenge for many in the property management business. In an effort to reduce our clients’ energy consumption and costs, Meissner Jacquet has established an Energy Management Services department to perform sustainability practices, such as energy benchmarking and assisting in qualifying commercial buildings for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star label. Energy efficient buildings mean lower energy costs for the property owner, which is then passed on to the tenants. In addition, our vast vendor relationships and purchasing power based on our portfolio of 8.5 million managed square feet allows us to minimize the effects of increased operating expenses.

Meissner Jacquet continues to strive to uncover cost saving opportunities that lie beneath the current stagnant market by working hard to understand the primary and secondary real estate markets, and implementing realistic and sustainable business plans to ensure our property owners, investors and tenants that every aspect of property operations is being consistently fine-tuned, and that their investments and tenants are well cared for. Due to the current tendency for clients to hold on to their assets longer, we have responded by opening a new office in Carlsbad to further express our commitment to our clients’ investment objectives by being located within close proximity to the assets we manage in order to better serve our clients’ needs.

For 19 years Meissner Jacquet has been successfully managing the business of commercial real estate by being the industry leader in asset and property management in San Diego by adapting to the ever-changing real estate environment in an effort to provide quantifiable, bottom line results. Meissner Jacquet manages office, retail, industrial, multi-family and commercial owner associations throughout Southern California and Arizona. To learn more about how Meissner Jacquet can help you maximize the performance of your commercial assets, contact Jerry Jacquet at 858-373-1130 or jerryj@meissnerjacquet.com.

-Submitted by Meissner Jacquet.

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