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TJSL professors bring real experience to the classroom

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Thomas Jefferson School of Law is proud of its professors who made this year’s Top Attorneys list; however, we consider all of our professors to be “Top Attorneys” in their areas of expertise. The heart and soul of our law school is our faculty. These world-class educators stay ahead of the curve in the areas of law relating to technological change, globalization and the transformation of our social order. From Fulbright Scholars, to respected authors, to sought after experts, our faculty is comprised of amazingly productive scholars who bring years of valuable professional experience to the classroom and to their areas of expertise.

The academic specialties at TJSL are among our greatest strengths because of the credentials of our faculty. For instance, TJSL dedicates nearly a quarter of its full-time faculty to intellectual property courses, ranging from the basic to the highly specialized. Because of this skilled training, our graduates have progressed to in-house positions at Fortune 500 companies, to intellectual property associate positions in law firms, to advanced degree programs nationwide. In 2010, the William Mitchell College of Law ranked TJSL number 15 for its IP course offerings, higher than USD, Berkeley, Hastings and Stanford.

Few law schools can match the scope and caliber of opportunities at TJSL to pursue an interest in international commercial law. Nearly every full-time faculty member who teaches a course in international or comparative commercial law has actually worked in the field, either in a governmental agency or in the private sector representing and advising clients. Some of them are even considered the leading experts in their fields, with books and other scholarly writings to their credit. That kind of experience and reputation permits them to provide an authoritative, real world perspective in their courses, making the classroom experience something more than just abstract theory.

TJSL graduates have gone on to careers in the entertainment and sports industries in positions ranging from managing intellectual property in advertising portfolios to representing professional athletes to serving as the general manager of a major league baseball team. Preparing for a career in these competitive fields requires a firm grounding in contracts as well as copyright, trademark and privacy law taught in the classroom.

Our faculty has a long track record of working to safeguard and advance the cause of human rights both domestically and throughout the world. These efforts range from our grass roots Veterans' Legal Assistance Clinic – the only law school clinic in San Diego devoted to our veterans - to international issues ranging from Guantánamo Bay to Kosovo to China.

The well-rounded criminal practice specialty at TJSL focuses on history and theory as well as the nuts and bolts of practice. Our faculty members do not just teach criminal law, they live it. TJSL professors are former and current prosecutors and defense attorneys who are at the forefront of the development of criminal law in the academy, the media and the courts.

TJSL also offers an enriched and dynamic specialty that focuses on policy and interdisciplinary theories of legal jurisprudence. Our professors possess enormous expertise as former policymakers on the national and international world stage in a variety of fields, including employment, economics, education, media and film, the arts, science, civil rights, religion, psychology, philosophy, medicine, bioethics and more. Whether it is offering path breaking congressional testimony on Capitol Hill, writing new legislation in the state halls of government or challenging the fundamental tenets of legal doctrine from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, TJSL faculty are on the forefront of legal reforms and critical discourse in their respective fields of expertise.

As the struggle for civil rights continues, TJSL has a variety of courses focusing on exploring and protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of minority groups and of society in general. Many TJSL professors write in areas of civil rights, and have broad experience advocating for civil rights in court and before legislatures. Our professors have written and lectured on subjects such as educational equality, recompense for slavery and combating employment discrimination, and also participate in conversations on the cutting edge of the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia and other biases and prejudices. Our professors teach courses focusing on civil rights issues relating to race, gender, minority rights, disability, HIV/AIDs status, class, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation and national origin/alienage.

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