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Astro Energy Group www.astroenergygroup.com Rick Moreno Vice President Product name: Emergency Mobile Data Center

Company's product pitch: This innovative, portable technology is the first of its kind in the nation with the ability to provide supplemental and emergency power and data backup to hospitals, military bases, and manufacturing plants, among other large facilities and campuses. It ensures that essential building functions will be maintained and critical electronic records can be preserved -- instantly addressing public safety concerns, and subsequently, business integrity and privacy matters.

According to the company's pitch, "the EMDC provides a scalable, energy-efficient resource that meets critical power needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Without an operational data center, many life-saving services and technology functions could be greatly impaired, resulting in slow response times and the inability to provide real-time data. The EMDC will support third-party technology, a contrast to containers optimized for vendor-specific hardware. The EMDC also allows provides a denser server environment than competing products, and approximately one-half the space required by a traditional fixed."

This project, which has been on the market since March, has been self-funded, according to the company. Astro Energy Group says its biggest hurdle has been getting approval from local and state agencies for certification. The EMDC must be compliant with California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) requirements.


ImThera Medical www.imtheramedical.com San Diego Marcelo Lima President and CEO Product name: aura6000

Company's product pitch: A neurostimulation medical device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for patients who fail or cannot comply with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.

According to the company's pitch, this innovation "delivers muscle tone to specific muscles of the tongue, keeping it out of the upper airway (no blockage) during sleeping hours for the OSA patients. The founder and CEO said he worked to develop an alternative to CPAP after a family member experienced difficulties with CPAP and developed the many serious commorbidities related to OSA such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes type 2, etc."

ImThera, which is seeking Series C to fund the product's FDA trial, says the product is not on the market yet, but it has undergone an European feasibility, efficacy and safety testing.


Ken Reed, Ent. www.sportkat.com Vista, 91081 Kenneth E. Reed Owner Product name: KOREBALANCE

Company's product pitch: Computerized equipment for rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury (Balboa Hospital, 85 percent return to normal).

According to the company's pitch, Korebalance is "a noninvasive way to help the brain rewire its self after a trauma or disease has disrupted its functionality. It is the only tool that has shown that it works in clinical application with our Department of Defense and VA medical centers over a three-year period."

Owner Kenneth Reed said his biggest difficulties have been "getting funding by the DoD and VA for procurement, and advising all service members that the product is available for them."


MOGL www.MOGL.com Solana Beach, 92075 Jon Carder Founder and CEO Product name: MOGL

Company's product pitch: MOGL is the game that hooks you up with cash for eating out at your favorite restaurants.

According to the company's pitch, "MOGL creates a way for restaurants to encourage and reward customer loyalty. MOGL is the next generation of loyalty programs -- no more punch-cards, sign-up fees, coupons, etc. Customers sign up for MOGL (via the website or the mobile app) and are rewarded for their loyalty at over 40 restaurants (and growing) throughout San Diego. Loyal customers compete for the top spot at their favorite restaurant and a large jackpot prize."

MOGL had a soft launch in May and the company has raised series A in venture capital funding from San Diego-based Avalon Ventures and Austin Ventures of Austin, Texas.


Organovo www.organovo.com San Diego, 92121 Keith Murphy Chief Executive Officer Product name: NovoGen MMX Bioprinter

Company's product pitch: The world's only commercial bioprinter proven to create tissue.

According to the company's pitch, "Imagine being able to print human tissues on demand." This was the inspiration for Organovo as it set out to build the world's first production model 3-D bioprinter. Organovo partnered with Invetech and, within nine months, the partnership had developed a way to design, develop, manufacture and ship the world’s first commercial 3-D bioprinter. The printer includes two robotically controlled precision print heads: one for placing human cells, the other for placing a hydrogel, scaffold, or support matrix.

Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo, said in his pitch that the bioprinters represent a breakthrough because they provide a flexible technology platform for organizations working on many different types of tissue construction and organ replacement. "The bioprinter provides surgeons with tissue on demand and helps solve the global shortage of human organs."

The NovoGen MMX Bioprinter launched in December 2009. The company says that to date one of the most complex challenges in the development of the bio-printer was to "perfect a means to consistently position the cell dispensing capillary tip attached to the print head within microns; however, Invetech developed a calibration system to achieve the required repeatability."

Information contained in these descriptions are provided directly from the companies' submission to The Daily Transcript for "Tech Innovations."

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