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San Diego chapter NDIA goals statement

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Advocate: Cutting-edge technology

* Increase awareness of new technologies and their potential applications for system solutions through presentations, seminars and special forums.

* Initiate and support studies and technical assessments in support of government initiatives to capitalize on new technologies and acquisition options.

* Facilitate exchange of information between DOD and Homeland Security/First Responder interests where overlapping options exist.

* Interact with local academia in the science and engineering areas to broaden the interchange of technology development information and to draw academia into closer collaboration to develop new systems options.

Promote: A vigorous, responsive government/industry national security team

* Engage in development of the next generation scientists/engineers through actions and coordination with agencies and organizations involved in education.

* Support the development of the acquisition work force by sponsoring initiatives and workshops focused on all aspects of program management.

Advocate acquisition strategies that increase small business access to defense contracts

* Expand membership to provide more opportunities for interaction among the following communities:

* Government

* Students

* Industry

* Small Businesses

Provide: Legal and ethical forum for exchange of information between industry and government

* Conduct periodic seminars to permit open dialogue between industry and government relating to procurement initiatives, plans and programs.

* Provide education to legislators to increase their awareness of local defense industry and government capabilities.

* Establish and maintain ongoing dialog with local legislative staffs.

* Raise legislative issues of importance to local defense establishment to NDIA National for consideration as part of their legislative agenda.

* Foster innovative approaches to acquisition of C2IT through collaboration with other organizations, and seek implementation support collaboratively.

Improve: The local military community

* Maintain awards programs to acknowledge individuals' contributions to national defense.

* Engage organizations dedicated to serving the military community.

* Participate in and sponsor events that have a positive impact on the military community.

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