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Get ‘re-Fueled’ at Crossroads

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When you hear St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church you may think of words like “traditional” or “conservative,” and prayer books, hymnals and sermons. But what you may not know is that St. Dunstan’s opens its doors and offers something special on Sunday evenings – Crossroads. Crossroads is an intimate service that doesn’t use a prayer book or offer a by-the-book sermon. Worship leaders share experiences and offer insights in a way that is personable and relatable. Crossroads is an awesome service geared toward anyone looking for something different, yet still wanting a bit of the tradition that they have known. Crossroads offers all of that along with something that makes the service truly special – Fuel.

Fuel is the praise band that kicks off every service. Led by Jennifer Louie, the music is uplifting and inspiring. Fuel came into being at San Diego State University, formed by members of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), a campus organization that meets weekly. Louie, a recent graduate with a degree in communications and international studies, began leading the band her senior year. Now working for IVCF as a campus staff minister, part of her job is to minister to college students (at any point in their faith journey) and train and equip them in leadership and evangelism through the gospel. One indirect way is through music.

The praise band Fuel, who perform every Sunday evening at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church.

Louie leads Fuel each week at Crossroads. Some of the original members from SDSU meet her each week to play; other members are friends of hers who enjoy playing for the Lord. When asked what she thinks drives the band, Louie said: “We all believe in expressing ourselves through music so that others can come freely into worshipping our God.” Band members are: Onil Vallecillo, Gerald Briones, Eric Martinez, Monique Goeders, and Susan and Tristan Warner. Although the band members rotate each week due to availability, Louie is there consistently. “My favorite thing about playing with the band is that I am growing in my leadership skills and ushering people into God’s presence with worship. I love to see people engaging God through worship. I believe there is power and healing in worship.”

Fuel has added the necessary component to Crossroads: an awesome, inspiring, uplifting praise band that erases age, cultural and social boundaries, while uniting those who hear on a level field, one where God is there to meet and move us.

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