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John Brockington Foundation asks companies to display mural

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When Pete Foster says his cellphone is his lifeline, he's not exaggerating. Like 1,900 other people in San Diego, Foster is waiting to hear that a life-saving organ has been found and he can leave the dialysis unit or ICU and begin the rest of his life.

Organ transplant holds whole families hostage, waiting for the heart, lung, liver, pancreas or kidney that comes through the compassion of someone who saves a life as theirs is ending. For those who wait on the list, there is no greater act of compassion. For those who sign up, it's the rare opportunity to save Foster and seven others. Yet here in San Diego, one-third of those on the list never get that call.

In 2001, John Brockington, former NFL All-Pro running back, received his call and a life-saving transplant. Since that time the John Brockington Foundation has provided emergency aid and food vouchers to local pre- and post-transplant patients. With the help of athletes like Trevor Hoffman, Randy Jones and Bill Walton, the JBF FanForLIfe campaign seeks to inspire the two out of three Californians who leave the DMV without signing up as donors.

The Life Mural is part of that effort. Created by San Diegans at the FanForLife Fest last April, it depicts the hope of those who have given, received, inspired, or await life saving transplants.

This visually arresting piece is a public call to action to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor. Why?

* California has more people on the list than any other state.

* California is among the bottom five states for donor registration.

You can help create a donor friendly culture right in your building.

Display details:

1. The mural will be displayed when and where you specify and will be installed and removed by JBF.

2. The mural will be displayed in a "kiosk" form: 4 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall; 360 degree viewing of takes up approximately 36 square feet. It can also be set against a wall with 80 percent of the mural visible. At your request, we will visit the site at your convenience to help determine where to maximize impact.

3. We will manage, under supervision, the installation and removal of the kiosk at the times you specify.

4. Should you require a certificate of insurance, please forward contact information and I will follow up with any questions they may have. As JBF has no autos, we carry General Liability insurance in the amount of $1 million. We do not have workers' compensation as we have no employees.

Contact: Diane Brockington, executive director, The John Brockington Foundation, 619-299-4426, info@johnbrockingtonfoundation.org.


Life Mural schedule

4/20-6/10 Mural created at FanForLife Fest, varnished, completed at ARTS

6/12-6/21 Rady Children's Hospital

6/ 21-23 Petco Park, Padres-Dodger series

6/23-6/30 KPMG building UTC

6/30-7/18 Sharp Memorial Hospital

7/18--8/8 County Administration Building Pacific Coast Highway

8/8-8/19 7910 Frost Street Sharp Medical Offices

8/19-9/5 Hall of Justice, Facility of the District Attorney

9/5-10/3 UCSD transplant center

10/3-10/11 Cambridge facility Kearny Mesa

10/12-10/13 Little Italy Festa

10/14-10/28 New Life Presbyterian Church

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