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'Walk for Water' scheduled for March 2

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Did you know that Americans use at least 20 times the amount of fresh water per day than a person in the developing world? But unlike our water supply, theirs doesn’t flow clean and safe from a tap; it’s almost always collected by women and girls who can travel up to seven hours per day to gather it in plastic buckets and repurposed cooking oil jugs.

Water collection in the developing world means that women have less time to farm or pursue other income-generating activities, and girls less time to study or attend school. Until women and girls in these countries get free from unpaid and unproductive labor responsibilities like collecting water – and begin to gain fair access to tools to use that time more productively – such as micro-savings programs for small loans, or improved seeds or fertilizer for agriculture, the developing world will continue to stay just that – developing.

PCI’s annual Walk for Water acknowledges the UN-sanctioned World Water Day celebrated on March 22. Walkers are encouraged to carry buckets of water along the 5k path, simulating the journey made by millions in developing countries every day. PCI is committed to helping improve the lives of the more than 1.1 billion people who do not have access to clean, potable water.

PCI is hosting two Walk for Water events: one in San Diego on Sunday, March 2 and another in London on Sunday, March 23rd. For more information, go to www.PCIGlobal.org/W4W2014.

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