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Mormon Battalion Historic Site receives California Historian of the Year Commercial Award

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The Mormon Battalion Historic Site of San Diego has been selected to receive the California Historian of the Year Commercial Award.

The Commercial Award is one of seven categories to be presented at the annual meeting of the Conference of California Historical Societies.

Founded in 1954, the Conference of California Historical Societies is a federation of historical societies, museums, libraries and other history-oriented groups and individuals. CCHS helps historians and others who are interested in California history, to connect and share information, joining efforts to preserve records, artifacts, sites and buildings. CCHS also helps local societies and small museums with management, acquisition, preservation and restoration techniques.

This award of merit will be presented at the annual meeting of the Conference of California Historical Societies on Saturday, June 21 at the Doubletree Hotel, 2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, noon to 2:00 p.m.

Established in 2009, the Mormon Battalion Historic Site is a newly restored facility with modern interactive displays, hands on activities and entertaining presentations that are enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Patrons relive the trials and accomplishments of the Mormon Battalion through the journals of this often forgotten military unit that was a major contributor to California history and the expansion of the western United States. This site was built in the hopes that their story will inspire all who visit and serve as a reminder of all those who have sacrificed much in order that we may benefit.

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Nancy Holt 7:53pm June 28, 2014

We went with our grandkids. We all had a great time. It was very fun as well as informative. I will definitely go again. I recommend visiting the Mormon Battalion as a fun, free, family event.

Dianna Packard 11:27am June 28, 2014

San Diego was built on the legacy of service and the Mormon Battalion Historic site tells that story of Faith, Service, and Sacrifice and does it in a manner that is entertaining for visitors of all ages. In the true manner of the principals they teach, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have offered this facility to San Diego as a gift to all her residence and guest. The tour is free! Thank you CCHS for recognizing these efforts in maintaining our history.

Dayle Tedrow 10:29am June 28, 2014

The Mormon Battalion Historic Site tells the story of the first military group garrisoned in San Diego. It's multi-media interactive tour is entertaining for all ages. Kids can enjoy hands-on activities like panning for gold and brick making. This is nice recognition.

Jack Holt 1:20pm June 26, 2014

It's a great place. If you haven't been there yet, it will help you appreciate the sacrifices of those who built California.

Kevin Henson 10:56am June 26, 2014

On an extended trip to the west coast, we found the Old Town and Mormon Battalion sites as some of the most interesting for early California history. Who knew the Mormons were so involved during the early American period?

Randy Madsen 9:31am June 26, 2014

The renovated Mormon Battalion Historic Site has been a welcomed addition to the Old Town San Diego community. This facility shares the inspiring story of this unique military unit and it's impact on the history of San Diego, Southern California and the Southwest with the public. The video presentations, hands-on activities and gracious guides make for an enjoyable and informative visit back to 1846, well worth the effort for young and old alike. Thanks to all who have, are and will serve the public at this happening place.

John Bascom 8:44am June 26, 2014

Whenever I visit Old Town San Diego, I also visit the Mormon Battalion Historic Site. It is so interesting and such a fun way to relive history. The award is well deserved.

Hilary Hinckley 7:30pm June 24, 2014

I grew up in California and the Mormon Battalion never surfaced as a topic in all my 12 public school years. It wasn't til, as an adult, I read about the M.B. at the Old Town display of the Visitor's Center and learned what a significant contribution those men and women made to wells, roads, towns all along the 101 corridor, and even remained at Sutter's Fort for the harvest when everyone else left for the foothills and gold. Glad to see this facility open as this historic value adds to travels throughout California.