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Chula Vista offers free medication disposal program

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The city of Chula Vista and Sharps Compliance Corp. (Nasdaq: SMED), which provides solutions for managing medical waste, used health care materials and unused patient medications, announced a new program Wednesday aimed at medication disposal for all Chula Vista residents.

The new program utilizes Sharps’ TakeAway Environmental Return System envelope, available for free to residents of Chula Vista, to remove unused non-controlled medications from resident’s homes and return them to Sharps for environmentally responsible treatment. The program is an additional effort by the city of Chula Vista, which already manages a disposal program for used needles and syringes using the Sharps Recovery System to mail back sharps waste for city residents.

The medication disposal program allows residents to receive five TakeAway Environmental Return System envelopes a year while the sharps waste program allows residents three Sharps Recovery Systems per year for proper syringe and needle disposal. Both programs offer environmentally responsible treatment, which includes Sharps patented Waste Conversion Process that converts returned materials into a fuel used in power generation.

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