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Escondido osteopathic physician Rebecca Samuels receives national honor

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Rebecca A. Samuels, D.O., an osteopathic physician affiliated with the Escondido-based internal medicine group Palomar Medical Group (PMG), was recently honored by the American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI) for excellence in the practice of Internal Medicine.

Samuels received the honorary degree of Fellow during a special ceremony at the Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla.

Samuels was one of more than 60 osteopaths in the United States who received the award and is one of more than 4,000 osteopathic internists and medical sub-specialists members of ACOI. To qualify for the degree of Fellow, a physician must demonstrate continuing professional accomplishments, scholarship and professional activities including teaching, research and community service.

"We are proud of Dr. Samuels' honor and her accomplishments," said Brian Meyerhoff, M.D. and CEO of PMG, "For example, during the last several years, she taught medical students studying osteopathy from local universities, helping to promote and grow the field of osteopathy. In addition, she has conducted research on the incidence and prevalence of muscle soreness or myalgias as a potential side effect from the use of statin drugs."

Samuels earned her doctor of osteopathy degree from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her internship at the University of Connecticut and her residency at Michigan State University. As an osteopathic physician, her focus is on restoring function in the body and she may utilize traditional and other courses of treatment, such as OMT (Osteopathic Manual Treatment). She joined Palomar Medical Group in 2012 and is affiliated with Palomar Medical Center.

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Lisa Olszanski 10:21am January 24, 2013

Dear Doctor Rebecca Samuel, I look forward to meeting you as a near future patient as well as learning much more from you. Personally, I am very interested in Osteopathic training, Cranial Sacral, and much more. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work to be an outstanding Doctor as a Doctor of internal medicine and as an Osteopathic and more... We need more doctors like you in our area. I have chosen an alternative means of healing my body, mind, spirit for the past 20 plus years without medication and drugs. I do know there is a time for western medicine, but 25 years ago the western field was so far removed from what "I" needed for my array of multiple autoimmune disorders which turned into many structural weakness and challenges as well...The utmost respect for you and your present and future work! Sincerely, Lisa Olszanski