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ELEN Consulting: Innovative answers for a sustainable future

Innovative answers for a sustainable future

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The goal of sustainable design is to limit the adverse effects of buildings on the environment by minimizing excessive energy use, reducing the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution while also maintaining a comfortable and healthy building environment. Building green also optimizes the energy performance of the structure, which reduces the overall costs associated with long-term maintenance and operation.

ELEN Consulting Inc. is a local leader in LEED building design, the national standard for environmentally responsible building design based on industry-accepted benchmarks. Achieving LEED certification for a building increases its marketability and allows access to a growing array of state and local government incentives.

Our 20-person staff has designed and consulted on numerous LEED building and retrofitted projects. Our depth of experience combined with a diverse and highly qualified staff allows us to provide our clients with sustainable designs that meet the industry’s highest level of operational efficiencies, environmental performance and interior comfort. The three principals that head our firm hold more than 100 years of combined technical experience with the knowledge of the most effective and technologically advanced renewable power systems available.

ELEN has also had several major green projects for the Department of Defense. Two highlights were the design of the basewide energy improvements at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego and the Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune in Jacksonville, N.C. Several combined projects included installation of nearly 10MW of renewable energy sources with monocrystal PV panels located on shade canopies, building roofs and ground mounted arrays. The new PV arrays will supply a significant part of overall energy used on these government installations. The new PV arrays will also contribute to achieving LEED Gold and Platinum certifications for various adjacent projects including P294, P293 Recruit Barracks and a new fitness facility, P316, at MCRD and various BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) projects included in FY09 BEQ program at Camp LeJeune.

With the plethora of renewable energy technologies hitting the market and their steady decrease in price, more corporations and businesses are beginning to consider on-site renewable energy generation. Companies of all sizes, with varied electricity needs, can tailor one or a combination of several renewable energy installations to fit the needs of the enterprise. There are multiple technologies to consider during the evaluation process and an in-depth cost/benefit analysis should be performed. There are powerful forces at work which are driving the U.S. economy toward a more sustainable way of doing business in the long run. Those drivers include the science of climate change, rising global demand for a limited supply of fossil fuels and growing political support for clean energy. Sustainable energy is not only good for our planet, it’s good for our pocketbook, too.

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