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Neal Electric’s priority on safety attracts long-term relationships

With more than 25 years in business, Neal Electric continues changing and staying strong by constantly utilizing available technology in an effort to move with the tools of the time.
The most challenging change, however, is the economic downturn that the country has been experiencing. For a business to stay strong in the midst of a recession, it must be able to adjust and review both internal practices and interactions with customers and vendors.

Neal Electric found that re-evaluation is also a great tool during a difficult time. It is important to be flexible in how projects are sourced. The estimates and bidding process may be the same, but the industry or type of project will be different. Neal has long worked in many industries, and for years the place to be was in the commercial and corporate sectors. Today, Neal Electric has shifted focus to sectors such as military, academics, health care, hospitality and renewable energy. This has been instrumental in allowing the company to remain strong in spite of the weak economy.

The good news is that the world of electrical contracting will continue to expand as the renewable energy industry and sustainable building movements supersede traditional processes.

While it is Neal Electric’s core capabilities and “can-do” attitude that attract customers, it is Neal's quality of work and priority on safety that have continued to be instrumental in creating long-term relationships.

Neal Electric’s photovoltaic team has state-of-the-art knowledge as well as experience in the latest technological advancements. As an added bonus, Neal brings to the table its prefabrications shop, which makes off-site assembly possible and provides shipping and installation that is not only time-effective, but also saves space on the site. Neal also offers design and production services for integration between existing systems and new solar systems.

Additionally, Neal Electric takes the forefront and continually offers “Neal Electric 101,” a basic electrical class. This eight-hour course is designed to give an overview of the electrical construction trade.

Both clients and students gain an understanding of the industry’s typical means and methods as well as how to become more effective in the management and coordination of their projects, allowing them to better interface with electrical subcontractors. For additional information on the next scheduled class, contact John Luft at jluft@nealelectric.com or Garry Kitchell at gkitchell@nealelectric.com.

In keeping with tradition with Neal Electric's past, Neal also has continued to maintain a special team of individuals that specifically targets the needs of the communities and smaller businesses by working hand in hand with local architects and engineers.

Neal Electric’s overall success is the result of a strong spirit of teamwork, a tremendous amount of hard work and the dedication of many along the way. Neal has a lot to offer its customers, with the development of every project to its completion and by keeping projects on time, within budget and running efficiently.

For additional information, visit nealelectric.com or call 858-513-2525.

-Submitted by Neal Electric

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