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Fight heart disease today

Now that you know heart disease kills, tell five women you want them to live! Choose a mission to help stop heart disease in our lifetime.


• Register for the movement at GoRedForWomen.org. Receive a free red dress pin and wear it proudly to show your support.

• Share your experience at GoRedForWomen.org or visit us on Facebook to share your healthy choices and connect with women who are speaking up for women’s heart health nationwide.


• Take action. Contact your local American Heart Association office to see how you can get involved with Go Red For Women. Visit GoRedForWomen.org to find your local affiliate office.

• Visit GoRedCorazon.org for information in Spanish and to learn about Go Red efforts in the Hispanic community.


• Make a difference. Donations that fund lifesaving research and educational programs are needed so that our daughters, sisters and mothers have a chance to fight this silent killer.

• Help fight heart disease in women through donations to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement.


• Make lifestyle choices to reduce your risk for heart disease. Take the Go Red Heart CheckUp to find out your risk.

• Be a BetterU. Go Red BetterU is the free, 12-week online makeover that can change your life. Choose to be a BetterU at GoRedForWomen.org.


• Learn CPR. Because 80 percent of cardiac arrests happen at home, the life you save with CPR is most likely to be a loved one. Learn hands-Only CPR in just 60 seconds at GoRedForWomen.org.

• Spread the word. Join the American Heart Association’s You’re the Cure grassroots network and advocate for policies to promote women’s heart health. Visit YoureTheCure.org.

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