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Pam Gaffen, Gafcon and SharePoint360

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It started at the kitchen table with her husband and business partner, Yehudi Gaffen, back in 1987. Today, with nearly 150 employees and a rapidly-growing sister company, Pam Gaffen is preparing to celebrate Gafcon's 25th anniversary.

As President, COO and co-founder of Gafcon, a nationally-ranked construction consulting firm, and President and co-founder of SharePoint360, a leading consulting, hosting, and business intelligence service provider, Pam has played a crucial role in the success of two growing and innovative San Diego companies.

In her roles, Pam has been a driving force for both Gafcon and SharePoint360. Under her leadership, these companies were not only able to survive the recent economic downturn, but were able to restructure and re-position themselves for ongoing viability and greater prosperity with minimal disruption.

Her ability to identify and mentor key individuals while overseeing operations, as well as the finance, marketing, legal and human resources aspects of two organizations with different business lines and equally different cultures, has been key to the companies' successes. It is Pam's unique skill in providing guidance with a firm and steady hand, combined with her ability to laugh and have fun that has endeared her to employees throughout the organizations.

With 25 years under her belt, Pam Gaffen still approaches her work with the same enthusiasm she had on day one. She looks forward to many more years of involvement and the changes each year brings to both Gafcon and SharePoint360.

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