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Developing the collaborative process for project success

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Early involvement by all team members is the key to planning and executing projects in the most efficient manner. As tenants continue to demand more of their property owners and lease negotiations are analyzed by more individuals, each team member should have a broad understanding of all of the project components and work together to meet the goals of the client.

Brokers, architects, construction managers and contractors are being asked to deliver space faster and cheaper, while still providing the same level of quality. A well planned out project greatly improves the delivery process and increases the chances of meeting all of the client’s expectations.

Key elements of early involvement:

*Effective and efficient communication with leasing brokers and Construction Mangers to determine schedule impacts and requirements.

*The design team must understand key elements of the lease: How is the allowance defined and what is reimbursed? What formal approvals are required? What is the time frame for design and construction? Are there penalties for late delivery? Are there blackout periods for delivery?

*A knowledgeable contractor will provide cost alternatives to design options during preliminary phases to determine the best use of the facility within the client’s expectations.

*Understanding of all associated owner-controlled work (including information technology, furniture, AV, manufacturing equipment) and the potential schedule/cost impacts, while clearly defining the responsible party for the coordination.

*Agreement between all team members as to how project success will be judged; i.e. overall cost, schedule, better working environment, the production of a new product, team flexibility, or an overall increase in sales.

*Clearly identifying and defining the roles of the project team members and holding them accountable.

*Investing time to understand how the client prefers information presented and how much information they want.

*Discussion of the strategic objective of the facility, beyond the construction; how the fully commissioned facility will be used and maintained in the future.

Pacific Building Group often leads the effort to develop a collaborative process during each new project. This early collaboration builds trust and ensures all of the above points are addressed and each team member has a full understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. This approach has served Pacific Building Group well for 28 years resulting in more than 70 percent of new work being for repeat clients, and consistently being recognized as one of the leading locally owned construction companies in San Diego.

-Submitted by Pacific Building Group.

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