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DeMaio unveils plan to restructure city gov't in first 100 days

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Councilman and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio rolled out Wednesday his plan to reform departments and management policies at City Hall.

DeMaio’s plan, “Managing for Results,” includes 10 reforms that would reorganize City Hall into a performance-based system that would be implemented in the first 100 days of his mayoral administration, he said.

“The downtown insiders that are backing my opponents don’t want change, don’t want reform, don’t want accountability,” he said. “We can overcome those downtown insiders. They see it coming. It’s time to set clear goals and hold people accountable for results.”

DeMaio also announced voters would soon be able to download all of his policy proposals in a single volume, "Roadmap to Recovery 2.0."

The new management reform plan would audit departmental performance, eliminate step pay increases for employees, restructure the hierarchy by merit and implement performance-based budgeting.

All city departments would also be reorganized to report to four separate deputy mayors, who would each report directly to DeMaio.

The four deputy mayors would represent neighborhood services, infrastructures and utilities, economic growth, and performance and finance.

DeMaio said the new organizational chart was part of truly implementing a strong mayor system of government.

“I’m going to reorganize our city into five business lines that are mission oriented and we’re going to measure the outcomes of those business lines,” he said. "Each of the deputy mayors will have authority and support from me to run their business lines based on the policies laid out in my Roadmap to Recovery and managing under the philosophy we’ve laid out in Managing for Results.”

The new deputy mayor positions are budget neutral, he said, because of other positions that have been eliminated in his new organization.

His restructured departments will have three to five fewer levels of management than the current structure, representing between 30 and 40 eliminated positions.

Managing for Results is the latest in a series of policy proposals DeMaio’s announced as part of his campaign.

The first proposal, now a prominent prop in his press conferences, is the Roadmap to Recovery, an overarching plan to balance the city’s budget that he unveiled just after the Prop D tax increase was voted down in Nov. 2010.

On Wednesday, he also announced he had combined all of the proposals into a single volume, “Roadmap to Recovery 2.0.”

Citizens will receive direct mailers from his mayoral campaign in the next two weeks summarizing his plan and instructing them how to download a copy of it.

He also introduced a “Management Transformation Team” that he said would help implement the new plan’s reforms at the start of his administration.

The five-person team included retired Naval officers Vice Adm. Peter Hekman, Rear Adm. Bob Halder and Maj. Gen. Dennis Kenneally, along with April Boling and Allan Burman.

Hekman advised Mayor Jerry Sanders at the onset of his administration on organizational matters and trained the staff on conducting fiscal analyses.

“He did a lot of work and I’m very proud of what Mayor Sanders did, but it is a work that is not completed,” Hekman said. “There’s an awful lot more to do.”

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Herb and Kathy Tuttle 5:07pm April 23, 2012

We believe you are by far the best mayoral candidate the City of San Deigo has ever had. You have the background, experience, drive, commitment and most of all, the written plans to make us once again "the finest City". We're with you....keep up the great works. God Bless, Herb and Kathy

fletch92131 10:58am April 22, 2012

This sounds like a very thorough and comprehensive reform plan. Mandating pay-for-performance for city workers is one big part of that, I believe.

Catherine West 9:07pm April 20, 2012

How you think is everything: Look at what Carl has already accomplished working with everyone and using his initiative! Be Persistent and work Hard: That's Car! Everyone around him knows it. Learn to analyze details: The above Plan. I'm lucky to be a member of the business world who has learned and knows how very important a strategic plan is to success --- whether money or pursuits of happiness. It has to look at all four areas. Road to Recovery 2.0... Our City and our County couldn't do better than have Carl's leadership. Deal and communicate with people effectively: Respect for each and every one's abilities at their positions and for the whole of the City Vote Carl DeMaio for Mayor. We will all be very glad we did:-)

Phil and Donna Scott 3:42pm April 20, 2012

Carl, we continue to marvel at your creativity, energy and dedication to help our great city. What an honor to have you in our lives. God Bless and Keep you, Donna and Phil

John Walsh 9:59pm April 19, 2012

I like it and am anxious to see more.