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Bob Filner

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Bob Filner

Bob Filner received a Ph.D. in the history of Science from Cornell University in 1969. Shortly after, he moved to San Diego and it has been his home for over four decades. He brought his activist experience to a 20-year long teaching career at San Diego State University, challenging his students to put thoughts into action to shape the world around them.

Filner became frustrated with the local school board after the announcement of the closure of his children's school in 1979. His passion for his children's education and the education of the children in his community led him to run for San Diego School Board Member in 1979.

Parents across San Diego widely supported Filner's "back to basics" approach toward education. His accomplishments during his tenure in the School Board included by the hiring of a more responsive Superintendent, higher test scores, and the elimination of millions of dollars of taxpayer funded bureaucratic waste. He was selected as School Board President in 1982.

Filner broadened his civic service when he was elected to San Diego City Council in 1987, fighting to develop the local economy in San Diego and attract quality workforce opportunities. His leadership allowed him to create the city's first Economic Conversion Committee and write the city's Economic Conversion Plan. He was dedicated to creating a safer San Diego, introducing Police Walking Patrols and a Citizen Graffiti Patrol with the area's unprecedented 24-hour graffiti hotline.

His leadership and ability to accomplish real results led his peers in the council to select him as Deputy Mayor in 1991.

In 1992, Filner was elected to the United States House of Representatives. In his first term in Congress, he was one of only a handful of freshman legislators to get legislation passed.

Filner took his responsibility as the representative for a military region seriously - almost immediately upon his arrival in Washington, his request for an appointment to the Veterans' Affairs Committee was granted. In 2006 he was elected by his Democratic colleagues as Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee.

Filner has a solid record of fighting for the working families, seniors, veterans and small business owners that make up his district. He has worked to meet the challenges of his district, including providing affordable healthcare for border communities and all Americans.

Filner's experience representing a border community has given him significant insight on the incredible potential of San Diego. He recognizes that the city is at a crossroads, and to move forward we must do things and tackle problems that might be difficult.

Bob Filner is running for Mayor because he has an outsider's view and approach combined with an insider's understanding of the problems and the solutions.

Freedom Rider

Bob Filner entered into a life of public service when he was 18 years old during the Civil Rights Movement. He served almost two months in the Mississippi State Penitentiary as a Freedom Rider.

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