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Election night: Prop. A on a path to victory

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Proposition A, which would prohibit the city of San Diego from requiring contractors to use project labor agreements, PLAs, for most city construction projects, is passing with 58.8 percent approval and 50.2 percent of precincts reporting.

PLAs are collective bargaining agreements between contractors and labor organizations, and outline the terms and conditions -- touching on issues such as labor strikes and wages -- of employment for applicable projects. If it passes, the ban would not apply in situations where federal or state law requires a PLA as a contracting obligation.

The measure would also require the mayor to post all construction contracts over $25,000 online, a requirement that would come at a projected cost of $450,000 per year.

Proponents of the proposition say PLAs increase the cost of construction projects, and that a ban will create more fairness in city government contracting by not favoring unionized workers over non-union workers or coercing workers into joining a union. They also say the transparency of online contract posting is long overdue.

Opponents say the ban would violate state code and waste money on the Internet postings since much contract information is already available online.

State public contract code suggests that implementing a ban on PLAs could result in a loss of state funding for construction projects. The city received a reported $158 million in 2011 for such projects in 2011.

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kristin wright 12:34pm June 6, 2012

The public has spoken and finally gets how truly dishonest the Unions are. They want to control all of the funds and construction no matter the cost to all that work in the field...It is something to read their postings and listening to there arguments and then there is someone like me that actually has to abid by there rules and regulations that are against California Labor Codes...They are truly wanted one group over another unilaterally..I know because i have all the forms that they require even to step on a job what we won accepting all the liabilities, both insurances and payroll..We end up supporting them and that is the bottom line. So great job people.