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Filner campaign retains Tom Shepard

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San Diego mayoral candidate Bob Filner will retain veteran political consultant Tom Shepard and his firm, Tom Shepard & Associates, to run his campaign.

"My goal is to build a citywide coalition to move our city forward," Filner said. "Tom has the experience and the talent to help me make that goal a reality. I think his involvement gives our campaign a real boost.”

Shepard was the chief strategist for Nathan Fletcher's mayoral campaign. He ran the campaigns of three of San Diego's last five mayors. He also ran the campaigns for the construction and expansion of the city's bayfront convention center (1983 and 1998), development of Petco Park (1998), establishment of City Council elections by district (1988), establishment and permanent adoption of the city's strong-mayor form of government (2004 and 2010) and pension reform and managed competition (2006).

"I care deeply about the future of our city, and I believe Bob Filner is the best choice to move us forward," said Shepard.

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Chuck 9:54am August 2, 2012

Ahh! The downtown establishment unites to protect their perks, pensions and privileges.