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Keeping business in San Diego vital to our economic growth

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Wise consumers look for value not just price. We may be willing to drive 50 miles to get a $500 savings for a car, only to find out that although it saved $500 in price, it cost multiple trips back for service which took time and money, and often offset the savings we thought we received. The same goes true for the purchasing decisions you make here in San Diego.

When we hire contractors outside of San Diego to perform work down here, not only are we missing out on the local customer service, but we aren’t contributing to San Diego’s economic growth.

It may have more of an impact on you than you think. When you keep business local, it stabilizes the work force and creates jobs. It’s an ongoing process and cycle. Those same contractors you hired will also hire a local supplier which again, keeps business local and sustains our local economy. Local contractors are almost always run by local residents. When you support that business the residents tend to stay and help San Diego’s economy thrive. From a community standpoint, supporting San Diego contractors can also have a major impact on our local charities. The San Francisco Retail Diversity Study, done in May 2007 by Civic Economics, found that local businesses donate 350 percent more, on average, to charities than larger retailers. Their taxes pay your police force and other much needed services around the city to keep it clean, safe, beautiful and prosperous. Also worth mentioning is the environmental impact it has. Workers commuting to San Diego equates to more gas/emissions.

Next time you are receiving bids from a service provider, I highly recommend you look beyond the cost. After all, you are hiring a service provider, and getting high quality service from a vendor in Los Angeles or Riverside is highly unlikely.

So where’s the best place to find local service providers? Look at local industry trade associations, chambers of commerce or even the Better Business Bureau. Be proud of where you live and support those who live here. Together San Diego can thrive through these tough economic times by supporting each other and it’s up to us to hold each other accountable on doing business locally. In return we’ll see loyal contractors and loyal customers, which in the long run just might save us that $500 we were looking for.

-Submitted by RSI Roofing.

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