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SCORE San Diego offers Spanish-speaking mentors

Bilingual small-business owners can now find assistance

Alfredo Jaime, owner of Jaime Partners, sought SCORE San Diego’s advice on how to start his own business. With the help of a bilingual mentor, Jaime went on to create his own construction management firm, and managed the construction of some of celebrity chef Brian Malarkey’s restaurants, such as Herringbone in La Jolla (above). Photo courtesy of J Public Relations.

Since 1966, SCORE San Diego’s mentors have assisted small-business owners by offering reliable and relevant advice. Continuing that legacy, the organization offers bilingual mentors to support new and existing small business owners in the Hispanic community.

Elias Sheinberg, one of SCORE San Diego’s bilingual mentors, has extensive experience in retail, manufacturing, exporting and the restaurant industry, and he uses his expertise to impart advice and techniques to small-business owners in need of guidance while starting or growing their businesses.

Sheinberg’s success as a bilingual mentor is best represented through his decade-long relationship with SCORE San Diego client Alfredo Jaime, partner at Jaime Partners.

Their relationship began when Jaime contacted SCORE San Diego in hopes of finding a bilingual mentor to provide recommendations on the ins-and-outs of owning a small business. When he was matched with Sheinberg, Jaime received straightforward instructions on the best way to build his small business.

Sheinberg’s initial recommendation to Jaime was to study for his construction management certification and general contractors license, and then return for further one-on-one counseling.

Jaime took Sheinberg’s advice and received his certification and license in construction management a year later. He then went back to Sheinberg to thank him for his quick and honest advice, creating a bond between SCORE San Diego mentor and mentee that has not broken.

“When I first saw this young man, I saw the fire and ambition in his eyes, but knew he needed experience and some guidance to reach his dream,” Sheinberg said. “We have met at least 40 times over the past 10 years to review what’s working, what needs improvement and to evaluate new opportunities. I’ve invited other SCORE San Diego mentors to work with Alfredo, so he could learn from their expertise too.”

Since 2011, Jaime Partners has managed the construction of some of San Diego’s most popular restaurants, including Burlap in Del Mar, Searsucker in the Gaslamp and Herringbone in La Jolla. The company has built or refurbished 19 properties and had a hand in other projects, including Flavor Restaurant and Lounge, San Diego Brewing Company, Puesto and Suja Juice’s Manufacturing Facility.

“If I were to single out the most important thing Elias has given me, it is patience,” Jaime said. “He has used his wide range of business experience and his years as a SCORE San Diego mentor to ensure I am asking the right questions, covering all the elements needed to deliver a quality project on time, and managing my team and the contractors we use most effectively.”

SCORE San Diego offers a full range of services to new and existing small business owners. The services include free one-on-one, confidential mentoring, low-cost workshops on 40 subjects, an extensive online business library and networking events.

“It was exceedingly helpful to have a Spanish-speaking mentor,” Jaime said. “For someone whose first language was not English, the opportunity to speak comfortably with Elias in Spanish provided me with confidence and helped develop a strong working relationship between the both of us. SCORE San Diego’s extensive mentor program is truly open to all business owners with any cultural background and at any level.”

If a client prefers to discuss business opportunities in Spanish, SCORE San Diego has several bilingual mentors and offers an overview of its services in Spanish on the organization’s website. SCORE San Diego invites business people with diverse language skills to volunteer as mentors to help serve business owners of all backgrounds in the San Diego community.

For more information about SCORE San Diego and its programs, or to set up a free one-on-one meeting with a SCORE San Diego mentor, please visit sandiego.score.org or call 619-557-7272.

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