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SCORE San Diego Offers executive leadership forums

Have you ever read about “mastermind groups” and wanted to join one, but didn’t know where to start? The concept of mastermind groups was formally introduced in Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Now if you are a CEO, you don’t have to try to start your own group because SCORE San Diego is doing that for you in their executive leadership forums. The founders forums are for businesses with annual sales of at least $400,000. The CEO forums consist of businesses with sales of $1 million or more. Each group of 10 entrepreneurs is hosted by two experienced SCORE mentors. In addition, mentors can arrange for specialists to make presentations and discuss any business topic that the members request.

What exactly happens in a forum? “The first thing we do is go around the room and ask how everyone’s month went. We talk about both professional and personal issues. Then, we ask about business issues that have come up. Everyone gets a chance to put an issue on the board. Once the issues are up, we vote on them,” said Kathe Kline, chairperson of SCORE San Diego’s CEO forum group. “In the four hours we meet, we usually have a chance to process three issues.

“Our members have had some huge growth in the year that SCORE has been doing this. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected. One of our members was considering selling her business – and was actually about to ink the deal -- until the other members talked her out of it.”

Everything that happens in the forums is confidential and SCORE has strict guidelines about who can be a member. They also take great care to maintain no conflicts within the groups. Members of any one forum group have businesses that are similar in size, but no two businesses that are competitors with each other. Kline said the discussions are lively, and always informative.

For more information on the SCORE forums, go to sandiego.score.org. SCORE San Diego also offers a wide variety of workshops and counseling sessions are always free.

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