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DSN for Global Trade & Logistics - San Diego & Imperial launches new website

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The Deputy Sector Navigator (DSN) is part of the California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Division's (EWD) regional strategy, called "Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy."

DSN's in each region act as workforce system integrators, identifying gaps and connecting needs and resources in the regional Colleges globalization efforts. The DSN for Global Trade & Logistics is focused on aligning curriculum and training programs in International Business and Logistics, across the community colleges in the San Diego & Imperial Counties region, to meet industry needs and help students develop successful career paths in high-growth, high-wage industries.

The DSN for Global Trade & Logistics - San Diego and Imperial region, recently launched a new website which will serve as a clearinghouse of information and resources on career pathways and educational/training programs relevant to International Business and Logistics. The website features sections tailored to students, employers, faculty, and workers. Each section contains information and resources useful to those stakeholders. In addition, the website has a Knowledge Community Forum where Global Trade and Logistics stakeholders can interact and share articles, knowledge, and resources related to international trade.

Visit the DSN website at www.globaltradeandlogistics.org.

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