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Temecula: A clear vision for year 2030 with six core values

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It’s no secret to local “Temeculans” who live and work here that this is the place to be. Temecula, branded as Southern California Wine Country, has award-winning schools, higher educational opportunities, a vast array of parks and trails, diverse shopping/dining options and beautiful residential communities. Temecula remains a premier city within Southwest Riverside County.

At 23 years old, Temecula is moving from building a city to sustaining a city. Investments in quality of life will help Temecula retain and attract both residents and quality jobs to ensure its economic prosperity. In order for Temecula to retain and also grow its success, Temecula 2030, the Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP) was created. The QLMP is intended to nurture all of the City’s assets for the next twenty years while preparing Temecula as a 21st century city.

Temecula’s Quality of Life Master Plan is the “road map” which defines the city’s long term goals in areas such as sustainability of quality of life, continual maintenance of public infrastructure, public safety, higher education, business retention and attraction, and city fiscal stability. As Temecula continues to grow and mature, the Quality of Life Master Plan will be a crucial part of not only maintaining the city’s quality of life, but to take a proactive approach and identify specific community needs, goals, and possible improvements that the city of Temecula will face in the future.

This plan helps aide City Council and staff on future budget, operational and public development/improvement decisions. The Quality of Life Master Plan also gives the city the ability to quantify and measure our success which are tied to specific community goals. The plan will also give the City Council and staff the ability to revisit these goals on an annual basis in conjunction with the city’s operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget, which is forecasted five years out.

Temecula strives to be a well-rounded community and setting the stage for an excellent quality of life for both residents and companies is our business!

Temecula’s six core values:

Health and livable community

At its core, residents desire that Temecula be a place where they can live through the arc of their entire lives, with housing and services for all ages, incomes and abilities. The city is committed to working with the medical community to develop a comprehensive local health care delivery system, partnering with the public sector on social services and diverse housing types. Ensuring capacity of high quality parks, trails and recreational facilities including preserved open space is also a top priority for Temecula.

Economic prosperity

The overall economic goals that residents, businesses and leaders identified for Temecula are to create a high value, high growth and diversified economic base; increased access to higher education and generate revenues to maintain important infrastructure and services like roads, parks and libraries. Temecula continues to invest in the core foundations that support all businesses, such as transportation and telecommunications capacity. Collaborating with regional partners, developing mixed-used sustainability designed job centers and fostering an environment attractive to the emerging work force are also on Temecula’s agenda.

Safe and prepared community

Investment in public safety is the highest priority for the residents of Temecula. The city continues to focus its resources on sustaining a safe and prepared community, in all dimensions.

The city works to ensure appropriate service levels for police and fire protection and emergency services as the city grows, developing community-based emergency preparedness programs and increasing events/programs/activities at parks and community centers that provide a positive outlet for youth as a crime prevention mechanism.

Transportation mobility and connectivity

Temecula’s transportation mobility and connectivity goals address infrastructure, transportation system building, service levels and job creation in the Temecula Valley. Building interconnected bike and multi-purpose trails along with enhancing transit opportunities, including transit centers and park n' ride facilities are also key factors in Temecula’s continued success.

Sustainable city

Residents of Temecula value the city’s beautiful surrounding environment, vistas, open space, clean water, high quality parks and clean air. Maintaining a desire to set aside and maintain high quality open space and natural amenities are important in maintaining Temecula’s high quality of life.

Accountable and responsive city government

An accountable and responsive city government is one that sets a standard for excellence in the governance of the city. It embodies leadership that is accessible to residents, businesses and employees, transparent in its decision making, committed to the effective and efficient delivery of services that the community values most.

Over the past two decades, the city of Temecula has evolved into an innovative, dynamic city and a regional economic center for Southwest Riverside County, all while retaining its small town feeling and character. The Quality of Life Master Plan ensures that Temecula stays the course to further accomplishing its goals. For more information on Temecula’s goals and the QLMP, please visit cityoftemecula.org.

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