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Murrieta continues to attract high technology, manufacturing businesses

Consistent with the Murrieta City Council’s designation of economic development as the city’s No. 1 priority, Murrieta continues to focus on encouraging the growth of technology and advanced manufacturing businesses in the community.

In support of this goal, the city works extensively to assist our existing companies and to recruit new businesses to the community. Murrieta has a strong focus on specific target industries, including biomedical, medical device, clean tech, information technology, national security and defense, advanced manufacturing, export-oriented industries, higher education and health care.

Murrieta’s Economic Development Department is an active member of such organizations as San Diego Bicom, SoCal BIO, San Diego Connect, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Business Forum of San Diego, the San Diego World Trade Center, the San Diego Venture Group and OCTANe, which is Orange County’s technology industry organization. These active networking efforts have helped Murrieta to gain increased name recognition as a community that welcomes high-end, technology business to the community.

The city offers a number of benefits to companies including a strongly pro-business city government, site location assistance, fast track permitting through the city, a strategic freeway location in the center of Southern California (midway between San Diego and Greater Los Angeles/Orange County), lower costs than in coastal counties, available buildings and sites, a skilled and entrepreneurial work force that seeks to work locally rather than in San Diego and Orange County, and easy access to numerous universities and technical colleges.

The city regularly links businesses to various financing and technical resources to help our companies to grow.

“Murrieta recognizes that it is critical to work closely and collaboratively with our private sector in order to encourage the growth of businesses in our community and region,” said Bruce Coleman, Murrieta’s economic development director.

Murrieta has attracted and assisted a wide range of growing companies. Murrieta is proud of the companies which have located and grown in the community. These include Nimbus Water, which engineers water treatment solutions for the global market, including reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water treatment equipment and solar-powered drinking water systems. International Immunology Corporation, a Japanese-owned Murrieta-based company, which provides high quality bulk polyclonal antisera and calibrators/controls. Its primary product is quality bulk antisera, a raw material used in human diagnostic reagent kits. Medical Extrusion Technologies is a Murrieta company which manufactures custom tubing extensions from almost all thermoplastic resins, with a particular expertise in producing extremely close tolerances.

Innovative Engineering Solutions is a Murrieta engineering company that designs, analyzes, fabricates and tests a wide variety of products for different industries, including aerospace, industrial, commercial, government and medical sectors. Cryoquip is a global company based in Murrieta, which is one of the world’s leading designers, engineers, and fabricators of cryogenic vaporizers and industrial gas equipment. The company’s capabilities span the entire spectrum of cryogenic equipment, from cold boxes used to manufacture liquified gases themselves, to equipment that stores and uses the gases in a multitude of applications.

Exotic Electro Optics recently expanded in the Murrieta area. It is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art infrared optics, coatings and assemblies for aerospace, defense and commercial markets, with a focus on the growth of crystals, optical fabrication and film coating productions to complex assembly. Copan Diagnostics recently expanded their manufacturing in Murrieta. The company is an innovator in pre-analytics and supplier of bacteriology swaps, viral transport media VTM and molecular systems, including patented Flocked Swabs, ESwab and UTM Viral Transport which advance the quality of microbiology assays through improved fluid dynamics. Reciphy Corporation, whose parent company is Tokyo-based NetJapan, develops, markets and supports the ActiveImage Protector line of quality backup solutions used on thousands of servers and PCs worldwide.

Helixstorm, which recently expanded its Murrieta area operations, is an IT engineering firm that focuses on helping customers find the right technology solutions for their businesses by “building private clouds.” T-Cyte is a life sciences company based in Murrieta, which developed and manufactures Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator (LTCI), the first and only approved treatment aid for cats infected with feline leukemia virus and/or feline immunology deficiency virus.

Power TV is in the process of expanding in Murrieta from Irvine. The company is a market leader producing on-line magazines and other digital media dedicated to the automotive industry. BUWW is a machine tool covering company that recently expanded their operations into Murrieta from the Midwest. Waterstone is a growing company, which designs and manufactures luxury kitchen faucets, which are made in Murrieta and sold through authorized Waterstone dealers. The company is working to expand its Murrieta operations and to grow its exports.

Tactical 3rd Dimension (T3D) is located in the Murrieta Technology Innovation Center. The company focuses on software development for military and commercial applications.

While Murrieta is the home of numerous other companies in a variety of fields, these companies represent a sample of the technology-based businesses already located in the community.

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