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E.Digital granted patents

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San Diego-based e.Digital Corp. (OTCQB: EDIG) announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the company four U.S. patents. The company also received Issue Notifications from the USPTO for two additional U.S. patents.

"We are extremely pleased with the grant of our first set of patents teaching context and interpersonal awareness systems," said Fred Falk, president and CEO of e.Digital Corp. "These patents are foundational of the larger Nunchi patent portfolio that we expect to play an important role in the future of mobile communications. Additional Nunchi patent applications are in progress that we expect to add value to our portfolio."

The Nunchi patent portfolio describes foundational technologies of mobile devices, cloud computing and adaptive computing, providing new user experiences, new revenue models and adding value for mobile communications. The technology behind e.Digital's Nunchi gathers sensor and user data from enabled mobile devices. Cloud-based advanced signal processing is used to combine sensor and user information, interpret surroundings, activities, conditions and the social situation of the user and act on that understanding.

The Nunchi technology enables applications in the areas of health, wellness, emergency response, personal safety, social and professional networking, user diaries, communication screening and time management. The Nunchi technologies enable enhanced levels of privacy protection by reacting to context changes in a manner providing the best privacy and security for users.

These new technologies apply to smartphones and tablets as they are currently fielded and take advantage of existing communication infrastructures and network systems.

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