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High-technology start-ups thriving in Temecula's business incubator

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For entrepreneurs with a fresh idea, the City of Temecula's Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange (TVE2) provides an excellent opportunity for innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, and grow their business. The TVE2 incubator is currently home to two technology focused start-ups, NZN Labs Inc. and Anywhere Science Inc.

NZN Labs Inc. develops wearable technology products and apps that promote a fun and active lifestyle. Their first product, LIT, is an activity tracker optimized for action. LIT's sensor family analyzes movements, measuring duration and intensity while tracking jumps, rotations, turns, G-force, airtime, and other dynamic metrics. LIT captures and contextualizes movements unique to action sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, while also recording everyday physical exertion. LIT is modular, rugged, waterproof, and always on. LIT wirelessly syncs with smartphones or tablets, using Bluetooth LE to load activity and action into the app, which allows users to share data with the world. Users earn base points throughout their day for physical activity and receive bonus points for ‘extreme' action. These digital experiences also provide the platform for real-life gamification including one-on-one challenges, live leaderboards, impromptu competitions and more. For more information about NZN Labs, check out their website at www.NZNlabs.com.

Anywhere Science Inc. is developing distributed mobile testing and analysis systems aimed at improving human health and wellbeing. Anywhere Science's LabStrip system is designed to transform smartphones, such as the iPhone, into personalized mobile laboratories. LabStrip leverages the built-in capabilities of today's smartphones, augmenting them in a way that is both powerful and affordable. LabStrip makes use of the smartphone's built-in camera sensor and flash to give repeatable image data that their proprietary software converts to actionable scientific measurements. Their system combines a wide range of measurement options important to medical diagnoses, water quality assessments, and food integrity testing. The decision-making elements are designed into Anywhere Science Cloud, the company's internet-based service platform, translates measurements into actions. For more information about Anywhere Science and LabStrip, visit their website at www.labstrip.com .

NZN Labs and Anywhere Science are clear examples of the innovation occurring in Temecula. For more information about TVE2 please contact us at 951-506-5180 or email info@tve2.org. You can also like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TemeculaValleyEntrepreneursExchange and check for updates at our website at www.tve2.org.


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