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Websharing becomes a must for today's small to mid-sized businesses

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Over the past several years, websharing has evolved into one of the main forms of communication among top businesspeople because it enables businesses to collaborate in real-time through webinars, teleconferences and online presentations.

With more and more interaction going online, the need for one-to-many communication capabilities is becoming increasingly evident in many SMBs. Voice Smart Networks has noticed this trend and is equipping businesses in the area with powerful websharing tools that promise to maximize effective communication between businesspeople.

There is an abundance of websharing solutions available, but many lack key functionality. When assessing the quality of a particular websharing tool, here are some features to look for:

* slide show presentations - where images and PowerPoints are presented to the audience to engage the audience while the presenter discusses slide content;

* live or streaming video - where full motion webcam, digital video camera or multi-media files are pushed to the audience;

* meeting recording - where presentations can be recorded for later viewing and/or distribution;

* chat - for live question and answer sessions, limited to the people connected to the meeting. In many tools, texts can either be set to public or private;

* polls and surveys - this allows the presenter to conduct questions with multiple choice answers directed to the audience. This is a good way to monitor engagement and reach consensus on various topics;

* screen sharing/desktop sharing/application sharing - this allows participants to view anything the presenter currently has shown on their screen. Some screen sharing applications allow for remote desktop control, which allows participants to manipulate the presenters screen.

As a rule of thumb, websharing solutions should contain at most of the aforementioned features. The standard of websharing tools has been raised over the years and anything less than the above is inadequate.

"We've been deploying websharing solutions for years," states Dale Stein, president of Voice Smart Networks. "As soon as this form of communication came out, we knew it would be a very important medium. We've analyzed the market and determined which features are must-haves, nice-to-haves and which are utterly unnecessary. When we sit down with businesses or organizations, we assess their needs and then recommend a solution that best fits. While we definitely see that the vast majority of businesses do need some form of websharing capability, some organizations can benefit from a simplified solution where others need something more comprehensive. Either way, our goal is and has always been, to improve our customers productivity and overall profitability through advanced technology. Putting our customers first has always served us well and is the main reason for our success."


Submitted by Dale Stein, CEO of Voice Smart Networks, 619-857-4638, dales@teamvsn.com

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