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Is your security and privacy program legally defensible?

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Privacy and security needs pervade all aspects of business. Your customers and employees demand protection from financial, medical and reputational risks associated with identity theft. You need to protect company intellectual property, trade secrets, infrastructure and technology from business-disrupting compromise. Proper planning can mitigate your company's regulatory, legal, financial and reputational risks. Additionally, secure companies have improved business development, M&A and investment opportunities.

Regulators advise organizations to presume a breach will occur. Unfortunately, compromised organizations learn that check-the-box compliance is legally insufficient. To a regulator or judge, budget and resource limitations are not justification for inadequate controls. Thus, in addition to the direct costs of a breach, you may be exposed to additional legal costs and substantial regulatory fines and burdening oversight. To ensure legally defensibility, your organization needs to systematically and continuously identify risks and apply reasonable standards of care in its daily operation.

SoCal Privacy Consultants helps your organization establish lean, sustainable, and legally defensible security and privacy programs. We work with you to define clear protocols, roles, and responsibilities for appropriate data governance. Using risk management, we categorize your data into sensitivity levels, and help you develop scalable strategies, policies, and procedures that match the strength of controls to the data sensitivity level.

SoCal Privacy works with you to develop information management tools, including data flow maps, inventories, and storage locations. We teach you how to use these tools to identify risks. Together, we assess risks, evaluate effectiveness of controls, and develop mitigation plans to improve control effectiveness.

For example, SoCal Privacy helps you define your cloud security strategy and service provider requirements, agreements' representations and warranties, and regulatory monitoring based on data sensitivity levels. By establishing a transparent security and privacy program, you will improve the efficiency of reviews and audits endemic to business. Our goal is to ensure you have ownership of your legally defensible privacy and security programs.

Based in San Diego, SoCal Privacy empowers the responsible executive, privacy and security officials, and functional subject matter experts to sustain this program after we leave. Contact us at mcox@socalprivacy.com or 619-318-1263 to see how we can help you.


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