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San Diego fitness startup Fitn launches; exceeds company expectations

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San Diego fitness startup Fitn Inc., a company whose mission is to bring a diverse array of boutique fitness studios into one curated, network of specialized fitness studios, launched last week and company expectations were blown away.

Company founder and CEO David Metzler, an entrepreneur who has successfully brought multiple tech companies to market, explains he was overwhelmed with the positive response.

"It was an emotional moment for me reading the hundreds of supportive comments on our social media channels, because as an entrepreneur you put all of your heart and soul and finances into something and you end up feeling very vulnerable because you risk everything," he said.

Last week Fitn launched its highly anticipated Apple iOS and Android apps. Interest and feedback in their unique platform poured in through the company's social channels. As an alternative to the one-gym membership, Fitn serves up the best boutique fitness studios in San Diego and offers members just one reasonable monthly fee. From Crossfit, Yoga, Spin, Pilates, Kettlebells, TRX, to Stand Up Paddle Board and more, the company offers access to classes for every fitness level and fitness goal.

Fitn founder and CEO David Metzler. Courtesy photo

Perhaps one reason the fitness community has embraced Fitn so wholeheartedly is because Metzler and his team designed Fitn to promote a very powerful cause; fighting childhood obesity and saving our kids from inactivity. Each time a Fitn member attends a class, Fitn donates the funds for one hour of exercise to local children's programs and schools to help keep children active. In this new social model the more you exercise the more you help yourself and others. The positive fanfare extended to the fitness studios as well, Jennifer Varriano who is the head of studio sales for Fitn explained.

"In one week, over five of the best San Diego studios wrote us asking to be part of the network and cause, and we signed another five more because of it," she said.

The Fitn "Gym Without Walls" model is proving appealing to not only for the members and the studios, but also to instructors and trainers as well because their fans can now can follow them and take their classes at different studios within the Fitn network without incurring extra fees.

"We have over 30 yoga instructors and personal trainers now on a wait list to join the program, because they all saw all the success and demand of the first Instructor/Trainer Mike Scherbakov, who in just one single post signed up over 80 people for just 25 available membership spots," David Steel, Co-Founder and the Head of the Fitn Affiliate program, said.

The company has two products: a "DAYtimer" pass, which allows members to go to every studio for an unlimited amount during the daytime and on weekends, and the "ANYtimer" pass. The "ANYtimer" pass gives members access to an unlimited amount of studios in their network, anytime. For its launch, the company is allowing the first 200 members to lock in the "Friends and Family" pricing for the first year. The DAYtimer pass is initially selling at $39.99 per month (versus $50) and the ANYtime pass is selling at just $139.90 per month (versus $180). A new member wrote on the company Facebook Page, "I love it because most of these studios cost me $150 each and I sometimes I have class packages at three different types, so I wanted to make sure I was one of the first 200 members because now I can go to all of these studios for a great price."

You can learn more about the company at www.fitn.com, and you can now lock in the "Friends and Family" price by hitting the "Buy Now" link at the top of the Fitn home page. With its incredible consumer offering and powerful cause, Fitn is quickly become the new hip way to do fitness with friends, because everyone is now doing it together and having more fun.


Written by David Metzler, founder and CEO of Fitn, for the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

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