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A luminous year ahead for solar energy

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SDG&E reported a record 709 solar system authorizations in January 2013. A year ago, it recorded only 322 installations for the comparable month. All of these are Net Energy Metering (NEM) systems.

NEM is an acronym with which you should be familiar. I’m sure that the owners of these systems have a larger smile on their face than the rest of us when it comes time to pay the monthly energy bill. Why would they be smiling? Because, with Net Energy Metering a customer earns a credit for excess power that is fed back to the utility. The credits are applied toward further reducing their electricity bill.

If January is any indication, 2013 will be a luminous year for solar energy system installations.

This is not a “new” or “passing” trend. SDG&E records show that NEM solar energy has been growing at a rate of 32-53 percent a year since 2007. Over the past five years, they have noted an incredible 351 percent growth in Megawatts of solar production capacity.

Right about now, you are probably wondering what the 709 owners of the new residential and commercial solar energy systems know that you don’t. Many still believe that solar energy is too expensive, too unreliable, or too complicated to be practical. Most are stunned to learn how simple and reliable a solar energy system really is.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels have no moving parts and carry a 25-year warranty in California. The power inverters or micro-inverters have no moving parts. A silicon-based solar cell was patented way back in 1954, so the technology has been around for quite a while and continues to evolve each and every year. As for being too expensive, the price of solar panels has dropped dramatically over the past few years.

You owe it to yourself and the planet to look into what a solar energy system can do for your home or business. Energy independence is something we all dream of. But why dream? Join the 709 action takers who have installed a NEM solar energy system for their home or business. All it takes is a quick and easy phone call or email to a solar installation expert like SouthwesternSolarSystems.com to find out if it’s the right time for you to start wearing a bigger smile when it comes time to pay your monthly electricity bill.

-Submitted by David Brown, Southwestern Solar Systems.

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