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Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards

Halozyme Therapeutics

Dr. Gregory Frost

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According to Dr. Gregory Frost, a good team has the right blend of divergent and convergent thinkers. He has apparently achieved this balance at Halozyme Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes products that advance patient care. The company has achieved ongoing success since its founding in 1999. Frost is the organization’s CEO and president.

The company’s research primarily focuses on human enzymes that alter the extracellular matrix, an area outside the cell that provides structural support in tissues and influences many important biological activities. The company’s products have therapeutic value in many different fields, and they have shown promise in the areas of oncology, dermatology, diabetes care, and more. This is in contrast to the approach of many other biopharmaceutical companies, which tend to focus on one field or condition.

The founding technology for Halozyme evolved out of Frost’s graduate research in the 1990s, and the company’s original plan was to focus on cancer therapy. However, Frost soon saw that the organization’s platform allowed it to look at nearly every problem in modern medicine.

Halozyme balances proprietary products with partner programs. This dual strategy has benefitted the company by expanding its reach, accelerating the firm’s revenue, and helping to balance financial and technical risk. Frost says this puts the company on a growth trajectory beyond what it could achieve, if it only focused on proprietary or partner programs alone.

Frost has said that his goal is to make a difference in patients’ lives, and he believes that Halozyme can do this by creating innovative medicines, as well as developing more convenient administrations of current therapies for patients. In addition, he thinks that Halozyme’s breakthroughs could mean reductions in overall health care costs. And of course, the company’s success has the potential to increase shareholder value and lead to the organization’s continuing growth.

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