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Mary Fisher, former CEO

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Few CEOs could come up with a plan more audacious than Mary Fisher’s, when she became the leader of SkinMedica in 2008. At the time, the company, founded in 1999, had two distinct business lines. However, Fisher decided that the organization was better off with just one.

SkinMedica creates skin-care products. Before Fisher arrived, the company’s dual focus was on prescription dermatology and non-prescription skincare. Fisher quickly restructured the organization and sold the prescription business to Bayer Healthcare in October 2009. In addition to creating significant revenue for the company, the sale allowed the organization to focus on what made SkinMedica special, which was its aesthetic skincare business. Fisher then expanded the sales force, accelerated the product pipeline, and fortified the operations and infrastructure of the revitalized company.

To market the new organization, Fisher created a new platform for presenting the organization’s products to the medical establishment. She believed that a key component of the company’s rebuilding was to support its physician partners’ practices. To that end, she created a series of novel programs to provide educational opportunities and business-building practices for all of the constituents in the physician office, including the doctor, nurse, aesthetician, and business practice manager. Nobody in the industry had created something like this before, and it remains a key difference between SkinMedica and its competition.

Soon after Fisher’s plan was put into action, SkinMedica begin growing at an accelerated rate, and the company’s bottom line strengthened. Today, SkinMedica’s offerings include skin cleansers, brighteners and moisturizers, as well as acne treatments, sun protection, and other dermatological products.

Allergan acquired SkinMedica in 2012. Fisher created a new business, Colorescience, out of the SkinMedica sale. The new company is a professional mineral-makeup business, and Fisher is the CEO. She looks forward to the creative challenges ahead of her as she begins making Colorescience a force in the industry.

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