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MedVantx disrupts pharmaceutical distribution norms, helps reduce health care costs

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MedVantx Inc., which recently announced a major expansion, is a San Diego-headquartered company that has pioneered a unique direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical distribution channel that many consider to be disruptive to historical norms. MedVantx’s innovative platform helps streamline access, improve quality of care, and ultimately, reduce health care costs — the key goals of new health care reform models under the Accountable Care Act.

Through their MedStart™ Connect program, MedVantx provides a unique distribution channel — directly from the physician to the patient. Rather than a patient getting a prescription in the doctor’s office and taking it to a retail pharmacy, a doctor can, via the MedStart cabinet, provide a patient with up to a 30-day free sample of their initial medication, right in the office. The patient can bypass the pharmacy altogether by then enrolling in the company’s prescription home delivery program, and have their refills and future prescriptions delivered right to their door. And while branded pharmaceutical samples already exist, MedVantx also offers for the first time, generic samples in the physician office.

“It never made sense to me that a patient gets a prescription from their doctor via a slip of paper or, these days, not even that if the prescription is e-prescribed. But then, they have to go to a completely different location, the pharmacy, to get that prescription filled,” said Robert Feeney, founder and CEO of MedVantx.

“We know that 30-40 percent of people just never get that prescription filled, and that means they are not taking their needed medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease,” Feeney said. “In the long run, that lack of adherence costs the U.S. health system more than $100 billion per year, according to published studies.”

MedVantx Pharmacy Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MedVantx Inc., also operates a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical distribution facility in Sioux Falls, S.D. Through this facility, which recently underwent a major expansion, the company fulfills home delivery prescriptions for individuals and health plans. It also manages, on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers, some of the nation’s largest programs for providing free medications to patients who cannot afford to pay for it themselves.

“We know that our programs benefit patients, physicians, health plans, employers and manufacturers,” Feeney said. “We are glad that by disrupting the normal pharmaceutical channels, we offer extensive value across the health care spectrum.”

-Submitted by MedVantx.

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