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Question & Answer: The HALO Corp.

Brad Barker, President

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The HALO Corp. is a private security company headquartered in San Diego that provides high-end private security services worldwide. Specializing in discreet security operations, maritime security, humanitarian assistance, disaster response and all aspects of security training, HALO largely caters to the U.S. government and is focused on Homeland Security operations and training. The company delivers these services through three distinct divisions: Security Services, Security Technology and Security Training and Education. The Security Network sat down with Brad Barker, president of the HALO Corp., to garner his perspective on serving and educating public and private security professionals and the reasons for selecting San Diego as the home base for the company.

Why is San Diego a hub for innovation and collaboration? Is San Diego unique in this regard?

San Diego is so unique because of the high concentration of "really smart people," in-place and functional pubic/private partnership and the culture of "switched-on resources." There really is a collaborative data exchange that occurs here in San Diego amongst the private, public, government and education sectors. We have an international border, a significant military presence, an active maritime industry and a significant concentration of former DoD and DARPA professionals, which makes for a natural nexus for innovation.

Tell us about The HALO Corp.

The company was founded as a result of our team's collaborative work during Katrina in 2005. In the midst of that disaster, it became clear to all of us that we were seeing, first hand, a huge gap between what needed to be done and how well prepared we were to respond as a well-coordinated community of first-responders to get the job done. We formed the company in 2006 for the sole purpose of filling these critical gaps. Our team is comprised of former special operations and Special Forces personnel from the U.S., UK and Israel with experience and expertise on a global landscape. We offer consulting services, education and training in counter-terrorism and integration of technology solutions.

As president of The HALO Corp., what would you like to accomplish over the next three years?

I would like to see our curriculum become "mandatory" in some way, for all security professionals, both public and private. We are able to bring together the most current off-the-shelf technologies, marry that with pertinent information about global security concerns, and then wrap that up in concise, practical training curriculums. We offer insight and solutions from a pragmatic perspective that prepares our students and clients to make informed decisions and take action. Our partnership with San Diego State University's Visualization Laboratory and our Bi-Coastal Counter-Terrorism Seminar Series is a testament to significant need in the security sector to fast-track knowledge that will result in effective "net-centric" solutions. We are running our third such series at the end of this month, Sept. 29 through Oct. 3.

What role has The Security Network played in identifying and promoting technology innovation within this region and beyond?

Our introduction to The Security Network came at the 2007 The Security Summit in Balboa Park, where we deployed a "real-time situational awareness network" that demonstrated the viability of communications interoperability amongst the law enforcement and first responder communities. The take-away from that experience was how aggressively the San Diego community wanted to step up to the plate to identify and develop solutions for national and international security concerns -- and that Michael Jones and The Security Network were leading that charge. The need is so grave, and the dialog that The Security Network creates on a national and international stage is not only raising awareness to a heightened level, but it is sparking innovation across the public/private sectors and building relationships that historically could not be forged.

Command and Control at the C4ISR, Robot Platforms and Sensors Conference and Exhibition

The HALO Corp. will develop and operate a Command & Control Center at the September Conference and Exhibition for all participants. The "hastily formed" network will allow participants to see real-time the demonstrated technologies. The demos will be viewed on monitors at the event, webcast live on the Internet and recorded on a GPAC Server for future reference. This Command & Control network will demonstrate how quickly divergent groups can be networked together to provide the situational awareness required to manage a crisis event in a more effective way.

The HALO Corp. will also be providing the Command & Control Center for The Security Network's upcoming Maritime Law Enforcement and Security Conference in November.

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Bill Hopkins 1:33am April 20, 2012

Interesting company, heard you (Brad) on coast to coast am 640, (just a few days ago) good show Good Luck! p.s. It seems like more and more incidents are occuring at or near the Mex/US border.