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Membership with SDLSA offers legal secretaries many benefits

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The San Diego Legal Secretaries Association (SDLSA) membership count has just tipped the scales at just over 200. While this number is impressive, there are many more legal secretaries in our community that could benefit from joining our association.

Do you ever stop to think how your support staff is able to obtain and maintain education to satisfactorily perform his/her job, stay on top of things and keep your clients happy? It's no secret that you learn a little something every day, but have you really given thought to your secretary's continuing education? What about those that want to get their start in the legal profession as support staff? Is it true that this profession is a dying breed? Not only are the resources for training to become a legal secretary disappearing, but so are the continuing educational courses. Support staff is always welcome to attend the fine programs presented by other bar associations, but those programs are geared more for the attorneys and not necessarily the support staff. This is where SDLSA comes in.

Educational programs, personal benefits, law office products updates, California Certified Legal Secretary certification, and access to reference materials are only some of the benefits you can derive from your legal secretary's membership in SDLSA.

SDLSA is a local association of Legal Secretaries Inc. (LSI), a statewide organization. LSI authored the "Legal Professional's Handbook" and "Law Office Procedures Manual." These fine research books have been in publication for more than 20 years and are a mainstay in most law offices. No office is complete without these two outstanding reference books.

LSI's "Legal Professional's Handbook" is the most clear, concise procedural handbook for California courts on the market. The handbook provides cross-references to code sections and other legal publications. There are 24 separate chapters giving deadlines and step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it. The handbook is reviewed and used by professionals throughout the state. It is updated and reviewed annually by working members of the legal profession.

"Law Office Procedures Manual" can be used as a training tool in offices for new employees or as a quick desk reference. This easy-to-read book is used in colleges and other legal secretarial training classes. It contains easy-to-understand flow charts as well as an extensive glossary. It is updated and reviewed bi-annually by working members of the legal profession. An instructor's guide is also available for each chapter of the book.

Membership in SDLSA means membership in LSI. On the state level, the corporation meets over a weekend four times a year in different areas of the state. Corporation business is conducted, but that takes only a small portion of the weekend. The remainder of the weekend is packed with continuing educational workshops.

LSI also offers membership in one or all six Legal Specialization Sections: Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Law Office Administration, Probate/Estate Planning and Transactional Law. Each section presents a two-hour workshop at each conference concentrating on various subjects within that area of law, in addition to two full-day workshops (Regionals) offered twice a year. The speakers at all workshops are top-notch professionals, and many times they are specialists certified by the state of California. MCLE and CCLS credit are offered at each workshop. Never forget: A knowledgeable legal professional means an efficiently run office. Consider signing up your secretary today and visit us at www.sdlsa.org.

Tice is president of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association.

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